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Scenes from the PatientsLikeMe Company Picnic

Posted August 30th, 2012 by

Every summer, PatientsLikeMe pulls out the Nerf guns and throws a company picnic for our employees and their families.  This year, the fun took place at Boston’s Museum of Science so that we could enjoy both the museum’s exhibits as well as its prime location on the Charles River.

With the Boston skyline twinkling over our shoulders, the team noshed on hamburgers and hot dogs while getting glitter tattoos, playing bocce ball and engaging in our annual Nerf gun war.  Below are a few shots of the afternoon taken by our resident shutterbug and Head of Product, Jeremy Gilbert, who captured the lighthearted feel of the event.  It’s hard to believe summer is almost over, but at least we got in one last gasp.

A big thanks to our amazing Office Manager, Alison Dutton, for pulling together another fantastic gathering!

Scenes from the 2012 PatientsLikeMe Company Picnic

Clockwise from Top Left: Jamie Heywood Aiming His Nerf Gun;  Shivani Bhargava, Marni Coons, Tim Vaughan and His Wife Brigid, Courtney Cydylo and David Blaser Spelling Out the Hashtag #YOLO (You Only Live Once) Inside the Museum; Jeanette DeVita and Her Son Isaac; Ben Heywood Showing Off His New England Patriots Glitter Tattoo.

The Joy of Being Helpful

Posted August 27th, 2012 by

Many patients with life-changing conditions report feelings of grief and guilt about no longer being able to do many of the things they did in the past.  As a recent discussion in our forum revealed, however, patients are finding ways to reset their perspective and boost their self-esteem by focusing on what they are still able to give to others, despite the challenges of their illness.

The Joy of Being Helpful

Here are some of the small and large contributions our members have made, helping them to feel good about themselves:

  • Going to the hospice to sit and talk with the residents
  • Sending handwritten letters via snail mail to loved ones
  • Participating in educational events about the role of service dogs
  • Getting good friends together for a gathering to reconnect
  • Volunteering in a food bank to appreciate having food to eat
  • Calling an isolated grandparent or friend regularly on the phone
  • Allowing the cat from down the road to come inside and snuggle
  • Fostering or adopting medically fragile children in the system

Have you found strength – or a renewed sense of purpose – by doing what you can to help others?  Share your experiences in the comments section.  Also, you may want to check out two books recommended by our members for inspiration:  Strong at the Broken Places, about five different patients with chronic illnesses including ALS and Crohn’s disease, and 29 Gifts, written by a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient whose South African healer gave her a prescription of helping others for an entire month.