What Part of MS Are You Most Afraid of?

Can facing your fears help you come to terms with them?

That’s the idea behind a recent discussion in our multiple sclerosis (MS) forum, in which one member asked, “What part of MS are you most afraid of?”  The answers poured in from dozens of MS members who found it cathartic to reveal their true fears.  In some cases, these heavy concerns are things that members have not felt comfortable sharing with family or friends.  For example, some stated that they are most scared of “relying on others” or “becoming a burden.”  For others, it’s “not recognizing myself” or “having no quality of life.”

Check out some of the other answers in the word cloud below.

A Word Cloud of One-Word Answers to "What Part of MS Are You Most Afraid of?"

Are there fears about your illness that you haven’t shared?   Find solace and solidarity by talking to other patients like you today.  You may find that bringing your fears out into the light makes them seem smaller.  Or you may learn that many others are dealing with the exact same worries.  Discover the benefits of “letting it out in the open” amongst a supportive community who can truly relate.

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10 thoughts on “What Part of MS Are You Most Afraid of?”

  1. I don’t want to worry my family, but I know I rely on them a lot as it is. My biggest worry is that I will end up having to rely on them for everything, and that they will tire of it.

  2. I certainly can relate to ALL of the fears in the “word cloud”. They are all bad, and all can happen to me. The worst one, I suppose… even though lots of folks may not agree… is LONELINESS. I have a wonderful husband and family who love me, but the effects of this disease aren’t truly understood by anyone else, and I don’t want to complain all the time! So, I thank God for the love… and it is still “lonely in here”.

  3. Just like to say that while all of the answers in the Word Cloud are scary, my biggest fear wasn’t there, blindness. I could handle all the rest but not without my vision.

  4. Disability, depending on others for most things I now do for myself and take for granted.
    Also having recently started to choke quite easily while eating, drinking, and just swallowing my own spit, I am also deathly afraid of choking to death, fears are not necessarily in that order, but these things are very real life fears for me.

  5. You should substitute “concerns” for “fear”. Fear is used to sell us products we don’t need and keep us watching uninformative news programs. It’s good to have an outline of a plan for possible events that concern us, but most things we worry about never happen. Conversely, a lot of things that do happen are things that we never even considered. Basically Fear is the direct opposite of Faith..

  6. My biggest fear has become reality. The unrelenting pain gets worse by the day. If I have a good ay, people wonder why every day’s not like that. They just don’t understand what we go through.

  7. Family and friends may grow tired at times, But as much as you can, try to help yourself and others to understand how precious you are and how precious the time you have together is. Because in the end all that will be left will be the memories of time spent together. Try to share always in the spirit of Love.

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