Touched with fire: Eliminating the stigma of bipolar

PatientsLikeMe member Paul is a filmmaker who’s harnessed his bipolar into creativity, most recently in the debut feature film, Touched with Fire, which he wrote, directed, edited and scored himself. In the last month, we’ve spoken with him about his diagnosis and what he does to cope. Now he’s opening up about fighting the stigma that so often accompanies this condition.

He stresses the importance of people being able to see through the eyes of a person living with bipolar because, “they would see the beauty of it and wouldn’t look at us that way anymore.”

Watch what else Paul has to say:

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1 thought on “Touched with fire: Eliminating the stigma of bipolar”

  1. Linda Williams

    I have been clean and sober for 13 years. At year 9 of sobrity I just couldn’t pin point why I still felt icky a lot
    I certinaly loved my sobriety but parts of my life just didn’t make sense. I saw a mental health doctor who referred me to a phychatrist
    Who diagnosed me no polar. I was truly shocked at first but latter found it made sense. I’m definitely low on the spectrum and it has been easy to manage with medication therapy and of course continued AA meetings
    It’s taken about 2 solid years to truly understand what my bi polar is and who I am
    It does not define me
    I am a bi polar who chooses to live life

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