“My data is going to empower the next patient” — PatientsLikeMe member Letitia shares her mission to #PayItForward

Many of you have already met Letitia, an active member of the epilepsy community and part of the 2014-2015 Team of Advisors. In her Patient Voice video, Letitia shares how her research on the site led her to the surgery that changed her life – she’s been seizure free for more than three years.

Now, Letitia has a new goal: to pay it forward by sharing her insights with other epilepsy patients and helping them advocate for themselves. Check out her new video below to see how she’s guided an 11-year-old girl through the same surgery she had.

“It makes me feel like my journey with epilepsy was for a reason … if I didn’t go through this I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have now to help patients to be informed and to advocate for themselves, and get the help that they need.”

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What’s one piece of advice you can offer to #PayItForward and help another patient like you? Share it in the forum!

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