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Happy Friday! Here’s the final round of the PatientsLikeMe sleep survey infographics. On Tuesday, we shared info about general sleep issues, and on Wednesday, we learned how these problems affect the daily lives of people living with chronic conditions. Now, see how the PatientsLikeMe community compares to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Don’t forget to share your own experiences through #areyousleeping on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Together, we’re learning about how sleep impacts the conditions we live with everyday, and how our health affects how we sleep.


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Survey Methodology
Between July 15 and 30, 2013, PatientsLikeMe invited recently active members to participate in the PatientsLikeMe® survey; 5,256 members worldwide completed the entire survey. The mean age of respondents was 51 years (SD: 13); the age range was 18-87; the margin of error was 0.3 year(s); one survey respondent did not provide age. The survey represents a summary of the current insomnia experience as shared by patients with chronic illness.

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  1. I am in my 12th+ year of Parkinsona. I was diagnosed in 2004! When I was was diagnosed I NEVER had problems sleeping. I was on Mirapex at the time.Though I did not have sleep issues Mirapex had MANY, MANY other side effects, issues and things that go bump in the night!! As the years progressed, of course so did the disease. I about 2010 I was put on Carb/Lev and Comtan. It is well known that the carb/lev has a litany of side effects. Well insomnia was one of the lucky ones to join my body! Insomnolence was occasional; maybe once or twice a month! However, vivid dreams and nightmares were quite prevalent!! [Just ask my poor husband!! He took many a punch from me as I was avenging some wrong, chasing some bad guy!!] I think maybe a year ago I was put on Rytary 36.25mg-145mg CAF. Well now I occasionally sleep all night; instead of occasionally NOT sleeping. I am not depressed, anxious, or any other agitated emotion.

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