Sleep survey results: infographics take-2

As promised, here’s the next round of PatientsLikeMe sleep survey infographics. Yesterday we shared some about general sleep problems and how long they last. Today, it’s all about how sleep impacts your sex life, ability to drive a car and overall mood. Don’t forget to share through #areyousleeping on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so everyone can learn more about how sleep (or lack thereof) impacts our health, and how the conditions we live with every day can affect how we sleep.

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Survey Methodology
Between July 15 and 30, 2013, PatientsLikeMe invited recently active members to participate in the PatientsLikeMe® survey; 5,256 members worldwide completed the entire survey. The mean age of respondents was 51 years (SD: 13); the age range was 18-87; the margin of error was 0.3 year(s); one survey respondent did not provide age. The survey represents a summary of the current insomnia experience as shared by patients with chronic illness.

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