Psoriasis Isn’t Contagious…But Awareness Is

Did you know that psoriasis cannot be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact – or any other type of interaction?

Psoriasis Awareness Month Is Sponsored by the National Psoriasis Foundation

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month, an annual event dedicated to highlighting the life-altering impact of psoriasis and dispelling the many myths surrounding it.  Beyond the misperception that it may be contagious, another major misunderstanding is that psoriasis is “just a skin condition.”  In fact, up 30% of people with this serious autoimmune disease will develop psoriatic arthritis, which can cause chronic pain and swelling in the joints.

Throughout 2012, PatientsLikeMe has been interviewing members who are blogging about life with psoriasis in order to shed light on this highly visible and often stigmatized disease, which affects as many as 7.5 million Americans and is the most common autoimmune condition in the US.  How have they managed both the physical and emotional challenges?  Check out our inspiring interviews with:

  • Lissa of “Psoriasis Girl’s Point of View”
  • Alisha of “Being Me in My Own Skin”
  • Jessica of “Jessica and Psoriasis”
  • Joni of “Just a Girl with Spots”

These four brave ladies are just the tip of the iceberg, however.  1,820 patients are sharing their experiences with psoriasis at PatientsLikeMe, while 730 patients are sharing about their psoriatic arthritis as well.  Get to know our growing psoriasis community and stay tuned for more psoriasis coverage – including the results of our new psoriasis patient survey and a recap of our exhibition at the American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting.

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2 thoughts on “Psoriasis Isn’t Contagious…But Awareness Is”

  1. Yes awareness is required in psoriasis.I have had psoriasis for years now. First it started on one knee, I thought it was some sort of parasite so I put salve on it and later learned it didn’t work. I went to my doctor and was told it was psoriasis. Which made we stress out and made it even worse. Now 2 years my body is covered .I’ve used various medicine but nothing worked for me. After reading a review on the popular blog I have try the produt and it worked well. Read this review here

  2. My mother suffered from severe psoriatic arthritis for twenty years until her premature death at 65. There was very little that the doctors seemed to be able to do apart from pain relief. Like ME it seems to be a forgotten illness, treated as a ‘mere’ skin condition and therefore not important enough to merit research. While not contagious it is genetic, passed down through the female line and, I’m told, often skipping generations, although I have had tiny patches of it so maybe not always.

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