Diabetes and stress- What the PatientsLikeMe diabetes community has to say

Here at PatientsLikeMe, we believe that sharing healthcare experiences is good. Why? Because when patients share real-world data, collaboration on a global scale becomes possible. So, we wanted to share back with everyone some results from a recent diabetes survey that nearly 600 PatientsLikeMe community members took part in. Our members entered their responses to the 17-item Diabetes Distress Scale (DDS), which measures the amount and types of problems diabetes can cause in a person’s life.

Have you had an A1C test done in the past year? 
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Download the PDF  to check out the results summary.

Dr. William Polonsky, Founder and President of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, and the co-creator of the Diabetes Distress Scale, shared his thoughts about diabetes and stress with the PatientsLikeMe community.

“I believe it’s important to understand the physical, behavioral and emotional sides of illness. Diabetes, in particular, is so highly dependent on what people do every day.  It is, therefore, almost all about behavior− how do you talk yourself into taking on new tasks and making changes in your lifestyle, some of them which may seem not so pleasant or worthwhile, that you’d rather not do.”

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