Raising awareness for psoriasis, all year long.

As many of you out there know, August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month, but it’s not the only time of year that you’re helping shine a spotlight on this chronic, autoimmune disease. This year, we wanted to take a look back at all the ways your community, both inside and out of PatientsLikeMe, has helped raise awareness for psoriasis.

The patient perspective
Eight different patients have shared their experiences with psoriasis on our blog. They’ve opened up about bullying in school, treatments that work for them and how connecting with others who understand what they’re going through impacts their life. Here are three of the most recent psoriasis patient interviews you can check out on our blog.

Maria– The real me
David– I still haven’t given up hope
Erica– Finding peace and confidence


What the docs have to say
We’ve also been interviewing dermatologists to get their perspective on psoriasis. They’ve spoken with us about everything from what they wished more psoriasis patients knew to how data sharing can change healthcare for good. Here are a couple interviews in case you missed them.

Dr. Jerry Bagel– Taking psoriasis treatment to the next level
Dr. Steve Feldman– Psoriasis, adherence and more


Contributing to research to advance healthcare
The PatientsLikeMe psoriasis community has also been raising awareness while actively adding their voices to real-time research. We just posted what we discovered in our fourth Uncovering Psoriasis seasonal survey. You can check out all the results from this and previous surveys too.

Spring 2013 survey results
Winter 2012 survey results
Fall 2012 survey results
Summer 2012 survey results


If you’re living with psoriasis, find others just like you in our growing community of more than 4,000 psoriasis patients on PatientsLikeMe. Learn what they’re doing to manage their condition with symptom and treatment reports, and share your own experience with a personal health profile or in the community forum.


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  1. I have psoriasis and i did not know that august was the national day of psoriasis awareness.

    Thank you very much, maybe this is one of the best sites about psoriasis that i have found in internet.

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