Bridging Traditional Medicine and Online Health

“The reason I’m interested in Doctors 2.0 is that it’s the intersection between those traditional healthcare establishments and the new cutting edge of the Internet, and I think the people who can bridge those two areas over the next two to three years will be the ones who will be able to empower patients and make a difference on a large scale.”

Paul Wicks, PhD, PatientsLikeMe R&D Director

In June, our R&D Director Dr. Paul Wicks attended the third annual Doctors 2.0 and You conference, an international gathering devoted to the understanding of how physicians are using new technologies, web 2.0 tools and social media.  During the event, which was held in Paris, France, he was asked to give a brief video interview about why he was attending and what he’s been up to lately.  Check it out below.

On a related note, check out our interview with pediatrician Dr. Jim King about how he’s used PatientsLikeMe as part of his practice.

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  1. Hi Paul, thanks for participating in the conference and the interviewing that came along with it.
    We love PatientsLikeMe — what it provides to patients–and all the innovation coming from the organization.
    Denise Silber, founder Doctors 2.0 & You

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