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5 Tips for Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a constant battle that leaves many feeling frustrated, exhausted, and emotionally drained. There are days when symptoms are so strong, it prevents you from the daily tasks you want, and need to be doing. While it’s completely normal to feel this way, it is important to learn to understand what causes your body to react and how to work with it instead of against it. Preparation is key in the successful management of your symptoms. With proper planning and awareness, you can eliminate the fear and reduce the symptoms that prevent you from being an active participant in your life. What is IBS? IBS is the most common gastrointestinal disorder that affects between 25 and 45 million people in the United States. A chronic and unpredictable condition with intermittent abdominal pain is accompanied by a variety of other symptoms. These symptoms can change in both intensity and frequency over time. Among those who have been diagnosed with the illness, 40% of people have mild IBS, 35% moderate, and 25% severe. IBS symptoms include: Bowel pain Changes in bowel movements: diarrhea, constipation or both Incomplete Bloating and abdominal distention Gas Indigestion Nausea The cause …

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Member voices: I have IBS, here’s what I do…

If you’re living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) you’re not alone. In fact, IBS affects up to 1 in 7 Americans, so chances are you may know someone who is going through the same thing. Despite it being so common, many people living with IBS are unaware that their symptoms indicate a medically recognized disorder, which is why April has been named IBS Awareness Month, to increase recognition for this common condition. In the PatientsLikeMe forum, members are talking about how IBS affects them and sharing how they manage their symptoms. Take a look at some of what they had to say… Coping is hard because you have to rigidly stick to a bland diet which causes constipation, so I take a half dose of Miralax daily. -PatientsLikeMe Member I follow a bland diet most of the time. I like raw fruits and vegetables and cereal. Pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese is always a good choice. I NEVER eat spicy food and I stay away from raw onions.  -PatientsLikeMe Member Miralax works wonders for me. I take it every day and this keeps me regular. -PatientsLikeMe Member I personally don’t take any meds. I watch my diet very carefully. …

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Food for Thought: IBS Awareness Month edition

  Did you know that 9% – 23% of the world’s population live with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)1, including over 5,000 members on PatientsLikeMe? For IBS Awareness Month, we’re digging deeper into how people are coping with this condition that affects so many. We asked IBS members for some insight — which foods help and which ones hurt? Here’s what they had to say about their diet do’s and don’ts: I’ve tried all sorts of stuff and not long ago, I was experiencing much pain so here are the general guidelines: No raw food No legumes (e.g. lentils, beans, etc.) No FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols): that helps to sort all the types of fruit and vegetable (so basically very few fruits) Be careful on milk, gluten and soy, depending on the sensibility No high-sugar food that can be irritating Be careful in the choice of nuts No lacto-fermented products I tend to blend a lot of my food but still make sure I chew! Well, this is kind of restrictive and it depends on the people and the periods of crisis or not. I’d love to hear from others! –       PatientsLikeMe member For me it’s boiled down …

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Recognizing the signs of IBS

Did you know that between 25 and 45 million people in the United States have IBS, but that many do not seek medical care for their symptoms?1 Are you one of them? Improved knowledge about IBS could lead to better treatments and care, and that’s why the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) has designated April as IBS Awareness Month. Watch the IFFGD’s public service announcement about IBS below: There are many ways to get involved in spreading awareness for IBS: Share the 2015 IBS Awareness Month press release with your local media outlet or on social media Take part in the confidential online IBS Survey that’s about what makes for a good patient-provider relationship Download the IBS Info app and share it with others Download the free introductory packet on IBS Over 4,300 PatientsLikeMe members are living with IBS – share your story with the community and help others live better, together.   Share this post on Twitter and help spread the word for IBS. 1 http://www.aboutibs.org/site/what-is-ibs/facts/

Promoting better digestive health in April

The digestive system contains a bunch of organs (8 to be exact), everything from your stomach to your gallbladder. It’s important to be aware of what can affect all these parts, and this is why back in 1997, the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) designated April as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month. IBS affects the entire digestive system, and there is currently no known cause for the condition. What’s more, many people have experienced IBS, but they dismiss symptoms as routine. Common signs include chronic abdominal pain, constipation and bloating, and sometimes these will be relieved by bowel movements. IBS is more common than you might think – different estimates report that between 10 and 15 percent of the entire global population is affected with some form of IBS1 2 – so if you’re living with IBS, you’re definitely not alone. There are plenty of ways to raise awareness for IBS during April, and here are just a few ideas to get started: Read and share the IFFGD’s press release on IBS Awareness Month Download the IBS Info mobile app from the IFFGD Check out the Digestive Health Alliance Share one of the IBS Awareness Month flyers …

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