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See our members’ online art show!

PatientsLikeMe members have a lot in common beyond their experiences with their health conditions. For example: a love of creativity and visual arts.

For the second year in a row, PatientsLikeMe members have contributed to an online community art show, hosted in our Mental Health and Behavior forum but open to all members. With their permission, we’ve highlighted a sampling of our members’ artwork — from drawings, paintings and photographs to jewelry, fabric and graphic arts — in a new Facebook album.


In total, the 2017 art show and 2018-19 art show drew (no pun intended!) 300+ forum posts and 2,000+ “likes” — data that shows we’re a vibrant and supportive social network for patients. (Psst — join PatientsLikeMe or log in to see all the wonderful entries in these art shows and connect with thousands of others living with 2,700+ health conditions.)

“PatientsLikeMe is a large community but events like this highlight just how connected and comfortable members feel to share their talents with each other,” says Vivien Roman-Hampton, our mental health community moderator and a licensed social worker. “These examples of such amazing art are a reminder that our members are more than their health challenges — they are complex, unique, creative individuals. I’m thrilled to be able to see this all come together.”

Sharing about artwork and creative outlets isn’t entirely “off topic” in a place where people come to discuss their health conditionssymptoms and treatments; some members consider art therapyjournaling and other forms of expression part of their self-care and treatment regimen (click on these links to learn more about how much these practices help).

Artist or not, we hope you’ll join our community — and follow us on Facebook and Instagram — to stay in the loop on all things PatientsLikeMe!

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