Love Your Scars: An Interview with Transplant Recipient Amy Tippins

After five years of dealing with undiagnosed multiple hepatic adenomas (hemorrhaging tumors), PatientsLikeMe member Amy Tippins underwent a liver transplant in 1993.  Two years ago, she received a ligament allograft using donor tissue.  How does she feel about it all today?  Check out our interview with this transplant activist to learn how these experiences led her to found RockScar Love, a clothing company that celebrates sexy scars, the lessons they teach and the strength they create.

Amy Tippins, Transplant Recipient and Founder of RockScar Love and the "Scars R Sexy" Campaign

1.  Tell us about your post-transplant life today.

My life is amazing now.  When I was sick, I had goals of things I wanted to do over the years that I have started checking off my “accomplished” list.   I own my second house, I have learned how to surf, I currently do spin class for exercise, I own my own business.  My life has unlimited possibilities, and I am excited to see how I will continue to pay it forward.

2.  What led you to launch Rock Scar Love and the “Scars R Sexy” campaign?

I started RockScar Love Designs because I wanted to do something with my life that was inspiring.  When I was young and was coming out of my medical challenges I felt that I was “imperfect” and I had failed as a woman.  What I learned quickly was that imperfection was perfection!  That was what RockScar Love was for me….a way to spread that message and that belief.

One of the Scars R Sexy T-Shirts Created by RockScar Love

Scars R Sexy” is a campaign that came about through Live Wright Society and RockScar Love desiring to bring their two messages of “love your scar” and “pay it forward” to create a platform for people to tell their stories and show how they are making a difference in the lives of others.

3.  What kinds of scars and health conditions are represented in the campaign?

Any and all scars and medical conditions.  There is not a person on this planet who does not have some type of scar.  As a human race, most of our scars are on the inside.  I have my own collection of internal scars.  This campaign represents all of those scars – physical and mental.  If each person was a little bit more open with what they struggled with and what they have learned, then maybe the rest of society would struggle just a little bit less?

4.  I understand there’s a video contest planned.  How can our members participate?

Submit your “scar story” video to our Facebook page with “Scars R Sexy” in the link.  We will be uploading all of the videos to a website for public voting and will be posting very soon when the video contest voting dates will begin.  Watch our Facebook page!  Once the winning video story has been validated, then we will be awarding the winner with an iPad 2.

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