Doctor viewing health data

Taking Control of Your Health Data and Why It Matters

While the healthcare industry has attempted a more patient-centric approach over the last 20 years, consumers today demand even more from companies, led in large part by the transformation of traditional retail consumer experiences, such as Amazon and Uber. As a result, better patient outcomes are starting to become expected rather than just wished or hoped for. But while attempting a patient-centered approach, patient centricity has become an overused industry catchphrase that belies the healthcare industry’s failure to prioritize easier access to patient data to improve patient engagement and drive better outcomes. Patient empowerment lies right at the heart of the patient-centric movement where consumers are starting to take back control of their health data and, with it, a far more active role in their healthcare decision-making. “We are entering an era of ‘patient-centered medicine in which patients and their care partners participate actively in decision-making and priority-setting about all aspects of health care,” said Nina Hunter, the FDA’s former Deputy Director for Medical Programs. “Americans are becoming increasingly active consumers of health care, making choices about their doctors, diagnostics, treatments, and healthcare experiences rather than simply allowing health care providers to make the decisions for them.” The biggest challenge …

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