PatientsLikeMe is a Cambridge-based company committed to providing a better, more effective way to capture valuable results and share them with patients, healthcare professionals, and industry organizations that are trying to treat the disease.

We believe that the Internet can democratize patient data and accelerate research like never before. Furthermore, we believe data belongs to patients to share with other patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and anyone else that can help make patients’ lives better.

This blog is about the work we are doing to make that sharing and learning happen.

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  1. Hello! I joined a while back and forgot to return! I have been through a period of downtime. Just sick, sick, sick. Now I am taking some Bowen Therapy and it is helping.
    I also take Requip. This holiday season has been difficult because I like to decorate our home and I ve’ just not been up to it. I miss the shopping and outdoors activities that we always participated in, like parades, driving by homes decorated, etc.
    We only have two social events to attend and I am grateful for them, but…
    Okay, enough self pity. Thanks, Nelda

  2. Hi Everyone

    I was just checking out your site & I’m so “Pleased” that you have this up & running. In 1984 My Loving Mother lost her battle w/ Parkinson. I really wish that we had a Support Group that we could turn to for some R&R. This is a Horrible Disease. Now… I’m soon to turn 50 & having some health problems of my own. I’m going to be tested for Parkinson’s due to the fact that I’m having symptoms similar to my mothers & it’s scarring me to death. I’m also aware that since mother had it, I can to.I have done so many walks such as A.L.S. etc… I have just completed The Breast Cancer 3 Day walk for the second year in a row. I really want to make a difference in this world. I would love to Help fight Parkinson in Honor of my Loving Mother Dorothy Ann Coyle. “Please” do me a favor & let me be a part of this Amazing Team ! So I can “Help” as many people as I can. To Never Quit & give up the will to Live Life to the Fullest Everyday!

    Thank you in advance,

    Deb Miller

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