Celebrating MS Awareness Month:
Interview with Accelerated Cure’s Sara Loud

It’s MS Awareness Month and we’re excited to bring you information from our nonprofit partner, Accelerated Cure Project for MS.  We briefly mentioned the Accelerated Cure Repository in our blog interview with Devic’s patient, Gracie.  We thought we’d take the opportunity to ask The Accelerated Cure Project for MS a bit more about the repository […]

Capture and Share Your Transplant Journey

Following up on last week’s launch of the PatientsLikeMe Transplants Community, we present you with the next in our podcast series – PatientsLikeMe OnCallTM:  Transplant Community Walk-Through.  Podcast host, Aaron Fleishman, interviews Product Manager Maureen Oakes about new and upgraded functionality rolled out with the launch of this transplants community. Topics covered in this podcast […]