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What We Took Away from e-Patient Connections

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, provided the perfect backdrop for e-Patient Connections 2011, a two day summit about reaching and engaging both patients and their caregivers in the digital age.  Right away conference organizers set the tone that the patient voice should be our focus by introducing respected e-patient bloggers and advocates, such as our friend “E-Patient Dave,” and placing them in the front row of conference seating. We were there to catch all the action and connect with both patients and those aspiring to work with them, from physicians to hospitals to pharma and health plans.  What did all these healthcare constituents have to say? Here are some of the important key points we kept hearing over and over: The winning platforms will bring together all the puzzle pieces in health. Multiple data sources (i.e., the patient voice, scientific publications, lab results, medical records, longitudinal outcomes – the list goes on and on!) give us a complete picture of a patient’s journey and status. Furthermore, many stakeholders (i.e., patients, caregivers, doctors, payors, government, industry) have a vested interest in understanding that complete picture. Real-world patient data is not a fad. Like it or not (and we happen to …

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PatientsLikeMe – Out & About and OnCall

The PatientsLikeMe team has been traveling around the globe recently talking about the power of real-world patient data in changing healthcare.  You may have heard about our executives at industry conferences, government hearings, or even on TV.  Highlights below. Last month, PatientsLikeMe Co-founder and President Ben Heywood was on Fox Business News talking about how industry is engaging directly with patients and tuning into the “unvarnished truth” patients are sharing about their real-world disease experiences. Watch the latest business video at <a href=”” mce_href=””></a> Earlier in March, we launched our PatientsLikeMeOnCallTM podcast series to bring to you our leaders’ perspectives on topics that impact you, the patient, and the healthcare industry as a whole.  We kicked off the series with Ben’s interview regarding Fast Company recognition.  You can check out that one and the rest of our podcasts on iTunes or click on the links below to start listening to a specific interview.  As podcast host Aaron Fleishman says, “thanks for stopping by and listening and we’ll talk to you next time.” Listen | Ben Heywood (Co-founder, President) answers questions about the launch of our new organ transplants community and our collaboration with Novartis Listen | David S. Williams III …

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