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Let’s talk: Parkinson’s disease, speech changes + communication issues

Parkinson’s disease can cause your voice to become raspy, quiet or unsteady, and motor symptoms can make writing and typing more difficult. Have you experienced communication issues like these? See what others have tried — from Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and voice-activated “smart” devices to (drumroll please…) singing classes. How PD can impact communication Parkinson’s affects the part of the brain and nerves that control speech and oral/facial movement. says PD may cause: Softer, breathy, or hoarse voice Slurred speech Mumbling or rapid speech Monotone voice, lacking the normal ups and downs Slower speech because of difficulty finding the right words Trouble participating in fast-paced conversations. They also break down the medical terms related to these speech symptoms: Dysarthria — A motor speech disorder or impairment in speaking due to PD affecting the muscles required for speech Hypophonia — Soft speech or an abnormally weak voice caused by the weakening muscles Tachyphemia — Also known as “cluttering,” this is characterized by excessively fast talking and rapid stammering that can be difficult to understand In addition, people with PD may experience tremor, rigidity and dystonia or cramping, which can make writing and typing difficult. Research has shown that about half of people with PD have micrographia (small, cramped handwriting). Treatments …

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Cannabis for PD treatment? Member Ian says it’s something to shout about

Member Ian (Selfbuilder) blogs and vlogs about using cannabis products to treat his Parkinson’s disease symptoms, even though marijuana (including medical marijuana) is illegal and stigmatized where he lives in the U.K. Why is he speaking up? “I know that I would not be here now if it wasn’t for the relief provided by my medicinal cannabis,” he says. Tremors “through the roof” Ian has been living with Parkinson’s disease symptoms since the mid-1990s. At one point, his tremors were “through the roof,” he says. He experienced severe side effects while on prescription medications for PD – including nausea, acid reflux, heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome that kept him from sleeping and worsened over time. He searched online for natural relief for tremors and read accounts of people successfully treating their PD symptoms with different forms of cannabis. “I tried a little and was amazed at the effect it had,” he said The U.K. has approved one cannabis-based treatment as a prescription medication for multiple sclerosis, called Sativex, but marijuana itself is not legal as a treatment for PD or other conditions. The U.S. FDA has not recognized or approved marijuana as medicine and says the purity and potency of …

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