A Little More About Us: A Look Back at the Founding of PatientsLikeMe

“I got this call from my brother Stephen, and he said the news doesn’t look good. At that point, he’d been through enough processes to know what that meant – he had ALS. So I began this journey with my brother and my family…. We were thinking there had to be a way to make […]

Let Patients Help: The Undying Mission of E-Patient Dave

“Patients know what patients want to know.” – Dave deBronkart Blogger, author and international keynote speaker Dave deBronkart is a familiar name at PatientsLikeMe, as his writings and health talks tend to strike a chord with us. You see, “E-Patient Dave,” as he calls himself, has a story that underscores exactly why we founded PatientsLikeMe. After […]