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Share On: Parkinson’s Awareness Month and PatientsLikeMe PD Community Anniversary

Posted April 7th, 2009 by

Did you know this April is both Parkinson’s Awareness Month and the 2-year anniversary of the PatientsLikeMe Parkinson’s community?  We invite you to celebrate with us all month as we share real-world patient insights and experiences of living with this disease…and we ask you to share on!


The PatientsLikeMe Parkinson’s community has come a long way since it launched in April 2007 – topping more than 3,400 patient members in just 24 months.  Our community members share so much about themselves on a daily basis – from details about how they manage their condition to their personal experiences and stories.  Why share?  Simply stated, to learn more about themselves while helping others better understand this condition.   In the spirit of awareness and sharing, this month we’ll share with you some of what we’ve learned so far from these inspirational individuals and keep it real with some personal patient stories about living with PD.

Additionally, later this month, PatientsLikeMe is once again sponsoring the Parkinson’s Unity Walk (www.unitywalk.org), “the largest single-day fundraising event for the Parkinson’s community.”  The event, which brings together thousands of people touched by Parkinson’s, takes place every spring in New York City’s Central Park.  PatientsLikeMe members from all over the U.S. will once again be meeting in New York to walk together as a team.  (Check out some of our onsite interviews with PatientsLikeMe members from the 2008 Unity Walk and keep an eye out  for 2009 highlights).

Stay tuned for more from us as the month unfolds. Until then, what else is happening this year for PD Awareness Month? Share your events or PD news in the comments below!

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