Love Your Scars: An Interview with Transplant Recipient Amy Tippins

After five years of dealing with undiagnosed multiple hepatic adenomas (hemorrhaging tumors), PatientsLikeMe member Amy Tippins underwent a liver transplant in 1993.  Two years ago, she received a ligament allograft using donor tissue.  How does she feel about it all today?  Check out our interview with this transplant activist to learn how these experiences led her to found RockScar Love, a clothing company that celebrates sexy scars, the lessons they teach and the strength they create. 1.  Tell us about your post-transplant life today. My life is amazing now.  When I was sick, I had goals of things I wanted to do over the years that I have started checking off my “accomplished” list.   I own my second house, I have learned how to surf, I currently do spin class for exercise, I own my own business.  My life has unlimited possibilities, and I am excited to see how I will continue to pay it forward. 2.  What led you to launch Rock Scar Love and the “Scars R Sexy” campaign? I started RockScar Love Designs because I wanted to do something with my life that was inspiring.  When I was young and was coming out of my medical challenges I felt that …

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Interview with Dr. Dee Kite, Author of “The Dumbest Things Smart People Say to Folks with MS” (Part II)

In Part I of our interview, we learned how Dee came to write The Dumbest Things Smart People Say to Folks with MS, how PatientsLikeMe’s MS Community was a critical part of her research and, most importantly, her “top three dumbest things” not to say. Today we find out more about Dee’s personal journey with multiple sclerosis (MS) as well as what it’s like to be a life coach to MS patients.  Don’t miss this insightful interview with an MS patient who has focused her life around other MS patients. You’re a life coach with a specialty in MS patients.  Tell us what kind of obstacles you see your MS clients facing – and ultimately overcoming. I’ve always found it comforting, as do my clients, to know that we face similar obstacles. Since there are a lot of similarities I’ve developed a three-stage program to give us the structure we need to overcome the obstacles and live our best lives with MS: Regroup, Realign and Reinvent. First, we’ve got to regroup. Consider Laurie. After her diagnosis there was so much happening: her grief, her family’s grief, recovering from optic neuritis and the steroids, learning how to give herself injections, deciding who she should …

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Interview with Dr. Dee Kite, Author of “The Dumbest Things Smart People Say to Folks with MS” (Part I)

Continuing our observance of MS Awareness Week, we’d like to introduce you to longtime PatientsLikeMe member Dr. Dee Kite (“CoachDee”), who has been living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for over 23 years. A life coach who specializes in MS patients, Dee became interested in social awareness, or how best to talk and interact with a patient with MS.  What kinds of comments are insensitive, for example?  And what is that MS patients would love to hear instead?  Find out about that and more in our two-part interview with the author of The Dumbest Things Smart People Say to Folks with MS. What led you to write the book – and how did PatientsLikeMe play a role? When I was diagnosed with MS in 1995, I lived with a feeling of panic and struggled just to survive. I remember the first advice I received. Trudy, a woman brimming with confidence and good cheer, told me, “You may not be able to do much about MS, but you can have a positive attitude.” I felt so ashamed because no matter how hard I tried, my attitude was NOT positive. Physically I was pretty much okay, because being blind in one eye and feeling like …

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PatientsLikeMeOnCall: How Genetics Bears on Your Condition

Welcome to the fourth installment of our new PatientsLikeMeOnCall podcast series entitled “It’s Friday – Let’s Journal Club.” This week’s interview is with PatientsLikeMe’s own Catherine Brownstein, PhD, MPH, who recently won a highly competitive award from the International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG). One of our in-house Research Scientists, Dr. Brownstein captivated PatientsLikeMe headquarters last Friday with her Journal Club talk about what the ICHG award means as well as how the study of genetics can influence healthcare decisions. Afterwards, PatientsLikeMe’s Aaron Fleishman sat down with Dr. Brownstein to learn more about how the ICHG award is selected as well as how it spotlights PatientsLikeMe’s potential as a platform for genetic discovery. Listen in below to hear what Dr. Brownstein had to say about how your genetics can affect your condition – from how you metabolize drugs to how your disease will progress. Podcast Powered By Podbean

PatientsLikeMeOnCall: Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Welcome to the third installment of our new weekly podcast series called “It’s Friday – Let’s Journal Club.” This week’s guest interview is with Sarah Taylor, a type 1 diabetes patient, registered nurse (RN) and friend of the company. Sarah stopped by PatientsLikeMe headquarters last Friday to talk about being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age nine and how PatientsLikeMe has become a part of her life today. After this engaging “Journal Club” session, PatientsLikeMe’s Aaron Fleishman sat down with Sarah to learn more about how type 1 diabetes affects her day-to-day decisions – from eating to exercising – and how as a nurse she envisions shared patient data helping medical providers. Listen in below to hear what that might look like and also what advice she has for those who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Podcast Powered By Podbean

PatientsLikeMeOnCall: Tapping into a Treasure Trove of Information

Last Friday we kicked off our new weekly podcast series called “It’s Friday – Let’s Journal Club.” Thanks to everyone who tuned in. This week’s guest interview is with Dr. Kevin Dykstra, PhD, who is President and CEO of qPharmetra, a pharmacometric consulting company. Dr. Dykstra stopped by PatientsLikeMe headquarters to talk to our team about the use of modeling and simulation to aid drug development. After this insightful “Journal Club” session, PatientsLikeMe’s Aaron Fleishman sat down with Dr. Dykstra to learn more about how his team is working to measure the clinical utility of treatments in a systematic, quantitative way. Listen in to hear what exactly that involves and why Dr. Dykstra feels PatientsLikeMe is a “treasure trove of information” that is “incredibly useful” for both patients and drug developers Podcast Powered By Podbean

PatientsLikeMeOnCall™: “A Look Ahead” at Openness in Healthcare (Episode 4)

“I think we can see there are a lot of ways where openness can be powerful.  What’s necessary is to help facilitate openness and reduce the barriers to sharing medical information.” – Ben Heywood PatientsLikeMe Co-Founder Ben Heywood has blogged previously about openness and sharing – and how important they are for patients. In this edition of PatientsLikeMeOnCall, he talks about the progress we’ve made in achieving openness within the healthcare industry and his vision for the expansion of the patient voice. How can we put patients back at the center of healthcare? What barriers do we need to break through so that patients like you can openly share your health information?  Ben answers these questions and more in the fourth and final episode of our “A Look Ahead” podcast series. Tune in to Ben’s full interview here: Podcast Powered By Podbean Did you miss any of the first three episodes?  Find them on our blog or iTunes page.

PatientsLikeMeOnCall™: “A Look Ahead” at Patient and Industry Interaction (Episode 2)

“Social media is the canvas on which patients can really paint the entire picture of the experience they’re having with their disease and how it impacts their lives.” – David Williams Why is it so important for patients and industry to work together?  Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development David Williams tells us just that in this week’s installment of “A Look Ahead.”  We sat down to discuss the benefits of aligning patient and industry interests as well as the role that social media can play. Among other win-win results, David shared that this alignment of interests can produce: Faster development of treatments and services Products that impact a patient’s quality of life, not just clinical outcomes Greater patient influence and input on industry decisions We also talked about how social media has become a key method of interaction, allowing pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies to better understand the functional impact of a disease on everything from mental productivity to the ability to stay employed.  Patients like you discuss issues like these online every day, and if the industry is paying attention, it can lead to richer data and improved services. What successes has PatientsLikeMe had in bringing …

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One for All: A Building of Hope

As you know, we like to just check in with our members to see how you’re doing as a person, not just a patient.  Today, we have a very special interview with one of our earliest members with ALS, SmoothS.  We sat down with SmoothS to talk about his recent building of the first ever ALS rehabilitation center – the Leonard Florence Center for Living, (LFCL) – which opened in November of 2010.  Along with the interview, below is a video of the grand opening event. Have a good weekend! * * * (Amy) Steve this rehab center rocks! Can you tell me what inspired you to start this project? (SmoothS) That easy; it is the horrible conditions in which a vented pALS is forced to live if you have no option to stay home. After my diagnosis, I was doing some research on my residential options when my care became more than my mother could handle alone. What I found was not pretty. There was nothing except for run-down nursing homes and chronic hospitals. I was discussing the problem with my friend Ron Miller and we tossed around the idea of a pALS residential co-op. I was at an …

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Benjamin Heywood Interviewed by the Health Business Blog

Bringing the New Year in right, Benjamin Heywood, CEO of PatientsLikeMe, was interviewed by David E. Williams, publisher of the Health Business Blog (not to be confused with David S. Williams who works with PatientsLikeMe). In the interview, Ben discusses the future of the company, its ground-breaking Openness Philosophy, and the differentiation of PatientsLikeMe versus other Health 2.0 companies. Here’s how David E. Williams characterized PatientsLikeMe: PatientsLikeMe is one of my favorite Health 2.0, social networking websites. The online community enables patients with serious illnesses to build content-rich connections to similar patients. Patients are motivated to provide all the relevant information about themselves and to stick with the site over time to help one another. As a consequence, PatientsLikeMe users collectively generate robust data sets that have the potential to generate meaningful insights for researchers and commercial entities. That leads to some interesting business opportunities for the company. The interview provides great insight about PatientsLikeMe. Enjoy!

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