World AIDS Day (12/1/08) – Embracing the Positive


World AIDS Day is a milestone in so many different ways.  It has marked the persistence of HIV and its impact on our world, but we hope that we are approaching a turning point where World AIDS Day will come to mark progress.

What this day marks, however, is that being HIV positive doesn’t mean one will picture-1.pngautomatically get AIDS anymore.  People are living longer and medications continue to improve the health and quality of life for people with HIV.  There’s still a long way to go, but progress is being made.

A year ago on this day, the PatientsLikeMe HIV Community was open to a small group of beta-testers, and one of them asked in the Forum if people in the world-at-large even take notice of this day, or have any idea what it means for people with HIV?  Now, we have over 1,600 patients who are sharing their experience, giving each other needed information and support.  And they are using PatientsLikeMe to empower themselves to show the world on World AIDS Day and every day that there is life with HIV.

To learn more about our online community, check out our “2008 HIV Community Report:  Embracing the Positive.”

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  1. The less we judge a man who has sexual relations with another man, the more we help…Thats great we have more members.. lets not limit this within a patients, let the world hear it. Lets ends this prejudice and discrimination directed towards people living with HIV/AIDS — Lets say it loud this December 2009


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