Treat Us Right: Comparing Cymbalta and Lyrica in the Fibromyalgia Community

Since its launch in November 2008, our PatientsLikeMe Fibromyalgia Community has served as a place for more than 11,000 fibromyalgia patients to share with, find, and learn from others.  Over the past 2 years, thousands of you have reported using Pfizer’s Lyrica® and Eli Lilly’s Cymbalta® as prescribed treatments for your fibromyalgia.

PatientsLikeMe recently analyzed the experiences you’ve shared in our Fibromyalgia Community about Lyrica and Cymbalta.  Here are three key insights we learned:

  1. Many of you experience little efficacy from either treatment. More than 40% of Lyrica patients and 50% of Cymbalta patients on our site perceive slight to no efficacy or simply cannot tell.  By comparison, only 20% of Lyrica patients and 15% of Cymbalta patients on our site perceive major efficacy.
  2. efficacy

  3. Those of you using Cymbalta experience fewer side effects than those of you using Lyrica. 26% of Cymbalta patients on our site report no side effects, versus 16% for Lyrica. Additionally, 29% of Lyrica patients on our site report severe side effects, versus 19% for Cymbalta. It is not surprising that more Lyrica patients than Cymbalta patients discontinue treatment and do so more quickly.
  4. sideeffects

  5. Many of you attribute weight gain to Lyrica. In fact, of all side effects reported for either treatment, weight gain on Lyrica was the most frequently reported. By contrast as shown below, Cymbalta patients on our site did not frequently report weight gain as a side effect.
  6. weightgain

So what makes this data interesting?

  • There remains a clear unmet need for developing better treatments in fibromyalgia. Based upon your real-world experiences, the existing treatment options are effective for only a minority of patients but cause side effects in a majority of them.  Developing new solutions for fibromyalgia that improve upon the safety and efficacy of existing treatment options remains an opportunity.
  • This data provides important insights for those of you using – or considering using – one of these treatments. From what you’ve shared with us on PatientsLikeMe, we see that Lyrica patients more frequently report both major efficacy and severe side effects than Cymbalta patients.  Additionally, you frequently report experiencing little to no efficacy on either treatment.  One of the major benefits of sharing is how much it helps others like you know what to expect and whether or not an experience on Lyrica or Cymbalta is normal.
  • This data illuminates similarities and differences between clinical trial data and real-world data. For example, weight gain in fibromyalgia patients was listed as a side effect in Lyrica clinical trials.  However, other side effects were more frequently reported in Lyrica clinical trials than weight gain, including dizziness, somnolence (daytime sleepiness) and headaches.  By contrast, your real-world experiences put weight gain atop the list of Lyrica side effects on PatientsLikeMe.  It’s important that we continue to develop a deeper understanding of the factors driving these similarities and differences in clinical trial data and real-world data.

Learning about the impact treatments have in the real world is only made possible by patients like you who embrace openness and give selflessly to other patients on PatientsLikeMe.  You are proof positive that the voice of one patient can become the voice of many, and that your real-world experiences are not only meaningful – they are essential to understanding what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be improved.

You keep on saying it and we’ll keep on relaying it:  Treat Us Right.

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30 thoughts on “Treat Us Right: Comparing Cymbalta and Lyrica in the Fibromyalgia Community”

  1. Elizabeth Wentworth

    Cymbalta has helped me. I do have some side effects: no sex drive, trembling hands occasionally. When the weather is changing constantly, I still hurt but 90% of the time, I am still better. Please keep trying to find out what causes this horrible disease of fibromyalgia. 4 of my cousins have this horrible disease.

  2. hi, i started on lyrica about 4 months ago,prior to that i had come to the point of pain that i could no longer work. i went to a rheumatologist who prescribed lyrica to me. i had suffered for yesrs but was never treated. lyrica has absolutely gave me my life back. i am working again fulltime and i also have been underweight for all my life 47yrs. never could i gain weight and always looked anorexic. in 4 months time i have gone from 123 to 150. to most that would be bad,but wonderful for me,i feel better then i ever have. Thank you lyrica for giving me life again!

  3. I took both…Cymbalta and Lyrica. In the beginning any pill I was on only lasted about 3-4 months then it fizzled. I’m on Effexor now, not bad 300 mg in the morning. I also noticed Vit. D is very good! I thought I was out of remission for longer than usual, but then it downed on me that I ran out of VIT. D. It does help. I take 2,000 units a day or more.

  4. I have taken neurotin, tramadol and Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia., as well as muscle relaxers and over the counter stuff. Nothing has really helped except Vioxx , which is no longer on the market. I have gained the most weight on Cymbalta for sure and lost 2 jobs because of brain fog from all 3 . I am considering quiting it because I finally found a new job, but am afraid to, because I was up to 25 advil a day before to move to go to work, but at least I could think and function that way. I don’t want to kill my liver like I was with the advil. Can’t take tylenol too much because of rebound headaches. I am tired of being tired and in pain. I love my job but.I hate my fibromyalgia pain and low sex drive and brain fog and sweating . I feel best if I don’t move much and don’t carry anything over 5 pounds at a time. But no one can live that way. Grocery shopping impossible that way and carrying things for work impossible too. My daily take home paperwork is more than that, not to mention the twice yearly bring everything in and take everything home…. 70 to 90 boxes full of books and materials. It takes 2 days in bed after that day. To feel like I can lift my head. Sigh. Ok I will stop whining. Life goes on, pain or not, so you push on, don’t give up.or give in to the pain and just live as best as you can and never ever give up.

  5. I took Neurontin before but it just makes me too fuzzy to do anything. Lyrica is just more of the same. I wonder sometimes if Cymbalta could help but this tells me that whatever causes fibro can’t be easily treated with any of the current drug therapies. What I really wish I had was a nice spa bath with heat and massage. At least I would get some temporary relief then.

  6. Mary,
    Have you thought about applying for SSDI? I hired an attorney and was awarded in four months.
    I used to be a VP a globally recognized bank. Even my disability insurance providers agreed that I could no longer to the job.

  7. I took Tylenol 3, then Vicodin. I am currently taking Effexor 300 per day. It is great for my depression, but does nothing for fibro. I am scheduled to take Cymbalta.

    In conjunction with giving up Vicodin for Medical Marijuana (MM) I have now been medicating my pain with MM for over five years now and find the most relief from it. I prefer edibles which you can make very strong if needed.

    The point is that my doctor told me that if this prescription of Cymbalta doesn’t do the job for my fibromyalgia, that I will be referred to a psychiatrist. I believe she feels that my pain and depression go hand in hand. If it works on my fibro it works. If it doesn’t ??
    Effexor has been wonderful for my depression but nothing for the fibro pain and has started to effect my stomach acid, so I thought it was time to move on from Effexor.

  8. Well I have tried all of the fibromyagia drugs. I finally got on opiates and had quality of life restored to me. I have 5 other illnesses. Problem is I had to move to another state where pain management is not available. So I suffer until I can get back to my home state.

  9. Look at Living in the fog (1), (2), and (3) on Youtube by pernicious anaemia society. also look at the diagnosing and treatment of pernicious anaemia – you will find if you check out pernicious anaemia society website a list of symptoms. I have been diagnosed with ME and fibromyalgia and the professor gave me B12 shots weekly for six months – goodbyd pain, fatigue etc etc – sadly the uk dont let you have weekly B12 for long. I have it monthly and supplement it with sub-lingual(under toungue) tablets. having suffered for many years and lost ability to work or have a life, this six months with gradual improvement was exciting. My balance issues went, random nerve pains went, my excema went, scoriasis went, my IBS went etc etc. Pls share this with everyone you can. Low B12 in CELLS causes fatigue. Measuring B12 in Blood doesnt show CELL levels !!

  10. I have been in real pain since I had back surgery when I was 31and now I’m 34. I don’t only have Fibromyalgia but other pains in my back. Like, pulling feeling right at the end of my spine whick hits into my buttocs and down into my legs. I get scrunching feelings throughout. I tried both medications and several others but I can’t prove this horrible pain. SSI is hard to get at my age. And only vicodin or norco works but the doctors think I just want it for the high effect and that’s not true. So I don’t get them and sometimes I just want to run in front of a bus it hurts throughout the day from the time I wake up! But of course I love my kids and husband I couldn’t do that. I have no other options! I don’t want to carry this pain for the rest of my life cause it’s torture but I have too. I don’t know what to do?

  11. I use neither of those drugs, but have used amytryptyline 25 mgm for a few monthe at bedtime. The pain is less severe, but still almost 50 per cent still there, plus the side effects of drowsiness during the day, weight gain, cravings for sugar { plus plus, which as a prediabetic I don’t need} and have considered putting up with the pain, and quitting the drug altogether. Any suggestions would be welcome, other than lyrica and cymbalta. Thanks. Marlene or

  12. I have been on Cymbalta for the last 7 yrs. It has given back my life. It helps the depression from the my joint pain. I have tried to go with out it but the pain and stiffness starts to come back and I was starting to feel sad again… Since the Cymbulta has gone generic, I tried it for 2 months since for me it was free on my insurance from paying $35. I did notice that it made me sleepy most of the day and when I was driving to and from work. The joint pain started coming back, so I went back to the real cymbalta and the symptoms went away. Now I am left with having to pay $190.00/month just to have my life again. The insurance company will not do anything about it since generic is out there, other than trying a different and cheaper drug. I just hate the thoughts of trialling out all the other drugs again. Been there and done that years ago.

  13. Here are some other things to try, that helped me recover my health and vitality of 25 years ago, and get off prescription drugs entirely.

    My recovery journey began when one of the doctors outside of my health plan heard a presentation at a conference that symptoms like mine could be caused by reactivity to dental materials. Mind blowing. At first I was incredulous. Then I spoke with patients he had worked with all around the country with symptoms like mine, who recovered. They were written up in case report journals, which nobody ever reads, and are ignored by most medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, chronic disease associations, government agencies, and patients.

    So began my journey into the alternate, but most helpful universe of biologic dentists (which I’d never heard of) and functional medicine specialists, which I immersed myself in to learn more, expanding into the fields of genetics, toxicology, biocompatibility, and regulatory science. Not bad for an economist, with no real scientific background or training (except in my gene pool).

    As I got healthier, I made a commitment to learn enough along this journey to engage, share and help others, and to unite with others to address the gaps in policy and regulations that allow this to happen in the United States – overlooking some of the biggest source of toxins that harm people with common genetic susceptibilities.

    The factors triggering inflammation and escalating multisystemic chronic disease in my case were mercury off-gassing from dental amalgam “silver” fillings, compounded by Lyme not sufficiently treated, and mold exposure from a one week visit to a FL condo that was not remediated properly. It turns out I have genetic susceptibilities to these toxins due to glitches in something called the methylation pathway, and a glitch in my immune system so I don’t fight things off well. I knew about the latter from life history, not about the former.

    Everyone with any health issues whatsoever should look into these factors, and all researchers and pharmaceutical companies should look incorporate them. Instead of just focusing on patented silver bullets to alleviate symptoms, first screen patients systematically for genetic glitches and for toxins, and identify and separate out the toxins that are not good for us. This must be done safely, when a regular dentist drills out old amalgam with only a dental dam, it increases one’s exposure and bioburden of neurotoxic mercury.

    Why don’t we hear about this from the ADA and our dentists? It turns out the ADA had patents on it, and put a gag order on dentists in the ADA Code of Ethics. The FDA? NIH? I’ve written an Issue Paper, For Good Health, Integrated Whole Body Care, and Making Chronic Diseases History, on the science, economics and regulations, with recommendations, posted at

    It turns out we don’t just need to be advocates for our own health, but advocates for others.

  14. Catharine MacLennan

    At the age of 53, after living with chronic pain from fibro and arthritis for 20 years, I invested a lot of time and money to have my many mercury fillings removed. I did this with a specialized dentist who insisted I followed strict protocols with detoxification supplementatation both before and after removal. He was fastidious about the number of removals per visit, and the cycle of days between removals, and his procedure for removal. I was tested for compatible filling compunds for replacing the fillings. It is now 10 years later and it has made absolutely no difference in my pain levels.
    This is only one of the many naturopathic, alternative, and very expensive routes I have followed over the years. I am only reporting this, because each of them, especially the mercury removal, seemed so promising. It is disappointing to invest so much, become so hopeful, and find nothing has changed.

  15. @ Laura Henze Russell- I HIGHLY doubt that “the ADA had patents on it, and put a gag order on dentists in the ADA Code of Ethics.” I also don’t believe, as a former Dental Assistant who was injured on the job-and can assure you, that the “mercury off-gassing from dental amalgam, “silver” fillings” is an issue. The ADA has done studies on this, and you get more mercury eating tuna/other long living fish that from chewing on dental amalgams.

    Your exposure to lyme, and your mold exposure are more likely your issues.

    And- You cannot speak for anyone- as in ” case report journals, which nobody ever reads, and are ignored by most medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, chronic disease associations, government agencies, and patients.” What a ridiculous comment to make! Why do you think we are all here? At other sites?

    Do you know that Dentists are required to take a certain number of hours of “continuing education every 2 years. I think it’s 50, but don’t quote me on that. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but know enough to be able to say, that there were hundreds if not thousands of Dentists who were always at C.E. classes learning the latest techniques. You have to attend or you lose your license! This issue has been beaten to death. Amalgam fillings are not a problem- the problem is “holistic Dentist’s” who see an opportunity to make an easy buck.

    Amalgam fillings have been around forever, but the composite fillings are relatively new, and have to be replaced much more frequently than the amalgam ones, exposing you to the toxins in the composite materials more frequently.

    The dental dam is designed to protect the patient from exposure to these materials and is highly effective.

    Catharine MacLennan is right. Don’t waste your money, or, expose yourself to unnecessary risk by having all the amalgam removed. How is that a risk? The amalgam which is a mixture of metals, thus the name, becomes an aerosol upon removal. If this were a true issue, dentists, and their assistants would be dropping like flies, especially those who worked for YEARS before masks/shields were available.

  16. First of all I refuse to take ownership of any disease or condition. It is not MY Fibromyalgia etc.

    I was on Cymbalta and Lyrica,I saw an improvement since starting the Lyrica, so started weaning myself off Cymbalta, (with doctors permission).

    ‘The horrors of Cymbalta’ is what I read when I looked it up on the internet.
    I knew it was a dangeous drug, that is why I wanted off it.
    Getting of it was a nightmare and took about nine months.
    They should warn people about that before they start.

    My doctor after I asked him, increased the Lrica from 75 mg to 150 mg twice a day,and my quality of life has now increased as well, due to pain relief.

    As Fibromyalgia patients we experience different types of pain.
    Perhaps Lyrica helps those with nerve pain and Opiates say, help with muscle type of pain., and so on. Just a thought, that is why one drug helps one and not the other.
    Of course we may experience different types of pain at the same time.
    Different strokes for different folks.

    For the first time in many years I am feeling that the pain is under control.
    I am afraid to look up Lyrica online.
    Quality of life and much less pain versus side effects, Oh boy!

  17. Cymbalta is a life saver. It literally saved my life. Why I say that, is that after a couple years of pain management, in which, I knew I was going to have to be on due to my injuries, I realized that there was something else wrong with me. I am prescribed 2 80mg Oxycontin, and 6 30mg Oxycodone per day, and even with that much medication, my body was still on fire. My joints, muscles, everything, it slowly beat me down, and broke my will, I slowly sunk into depression, and then started to have irrational thoughts, in which, finally led me to start about taking my own life. I just couldn’t deal with this level of pain, day in, and day out on a regular basis. But by the end of the second week of taking Cymbalta, I noticed that there was something happening, my pain level dropped by a couple points on a 10 point scale, and my mood was better too. That’s why I say it saved my life.

  18. I have had pain for so many years I can’t remember life without it,,,, I’ve tried everything! Lyrics, Effexor, cymbal ta, amitriptilin, every antidepressant out there! Physio theraphy, cortisone shots!!! Help!! What else is there!! No ones quality of life should be like this, I have no energy, nothing gets me excited, my sex drive sucks!!!! Any other ideas for all this pain & depression!!!?

  19. Hello, I just want to warn folks who are taking or thinking of taking Lyrica that some of the side affects may not happen right away. I was on it for 6 years. In the past year due to no change in diet or lifestyle, my blood sugar rose to the pre-diabetic levels. I am 63 years old and have never had blood sugar issues. I had many of the common side affects of Lyrica but thought it was helping, although I still needed narcotic meds for pain. It occured to me that I should try to get off Lyrica and the most important reason…….affects of long term use. It was worse than anything to withdraw from and took 2 months. After being off of Lyrica for a month , my involuntary movements stopped, I wasn’t as constipated and I have begun to lose weight. Was 25 pounds overweight. I have not been to Dr for blood work, but hoping my blood sugar is back to normal range. Also I still needed a sleep aids. I have found the nerve pain to be more present, but its not acute like some of my neck (stenosis and all those s-words) and hip pain (labral tear). I feel like it caused my arthritis to worsen and my feet and hands were always swollen. I can wear a ring that I couldn’t for 5 years was one guage. I would not recommend Lyrica to anyone, especially fibromyalgia patients. We have enough inflammation and symptoms. I am not addicted to narcotic pain meds because I take it for acute pain and it works! It doesn’t make me high, but I feel much better not being in constant pain. I could no longer take Nsaids or any anti-inflammatories because they caused internal bleeding and related issues. The movement Dr was just sure I was having involuntary movement, dykonesis because of narcotic meds, but again they STOPPED after being off Lyrica.

  20. Martha Hodgson

    I am 57 and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for many years. I am on Cymbalta. It has helped with my depression. Does nothing for the pain day or night. I take alot of ibruprophine. 4000 mg. a day. But I suffer from Gerd. and bleeding ulcers. I tried hydrocodone for pain at nite. didnt help. It has made my life as I knew it to be something of a memory. I feel deeply defeated. And hopeless most times. I also had cortizone shots. helped for some time. But always came back. I have gained a lot of weight and I sweat profusely. And I get dry mouth. I have it all over my body . If I exercise I am down for days. Bright side is stretching does help . My seratonin levels are very low. I cant miss a day of Cymbalta or I get very aggitated. And the head aches come back.

  21. I have lived with fibromyalgia for 25 years. All the same as everyone, pain, poor sleep low energy. I take cymbalta for 5 – 6 days, the pain eases off and I stop taking it and the pain settles for about 3 – 4 months. However, it takes about a month to be able to get a decent night sleep and this time it’s like going through withdrawal. Sweats, cold chills just feeling horrible.
    I don’t have a problem with depression as I work daily to keep my own endorphins levels up. I don’t need something for depression but for pain. I am thinking of trying Lyrica if my dr. allows.
    I use fentanyl 50mcg every two days, oxyxocet

  22. I have lived with fibromyalgia for 25 years. All the same as everyone, pain, poor sleep low energy. I take cymbalta for 5 – 6 days, the pain eases off and I stop taking it and the pain settles for about 3 – 4 months. However, it takes about a month to be able to get a decent night sleep and this time it’s like going through withdrawal. Sweats, cold chills just feeling horrible.
    I don’t have a problem with depression as I work daily to keep my own endorphins levels up. I don’t need something for depression but for pain. I am thinking of trying Lyrica if my dr. allows.
    I use fentanyl 50mcg every two days, oxyxocet for breakthrough pain (like that really works most of the time), trazadone and melatonin for sleep. I also take @ 3,000mg of vitamin D daily along with my usual vitamins. If I could get a handle on my pain I could get back to more of a normal life.
    As for depression my husband thinks I stave it off with music (headphones on) when I am up and about. When they’re in my pain disappears for the time I listen then comes crashing back when I don’t. Comedy and something a neurologist said to try. Conscientiously wear a small smile on your face. Just enough that the corners of your mouth are turned up, not a big cheesy grin. I find if I can do this for @ 1 – 2 hours a day, for 1 year it will change the chemistry of your brain. I do it when in bed or laying down watching tv or resting. Surprisingly it works, really worked for me. It sounds simple and a little stupid but I now find it hard to get down about things. Also for me as I have severe muscle spasm over my entire body, and it has literally crippled me at times I now find it impossible to frown. It’s like my muscle won’t go that way. lol
    Is there anything other than Lyrica anyone can recommend that doesn’t have an antidepressant in it.
    Thanks for your time. Hope someone finds a cure soon.

  23. I was just recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia AND Costochondritis. I was put on Cymbalta for FM about a month ago. Saw improvement in about 7-10 days. Still have pain, but not as intense. I was also put on Gabapentin a couple of weeks later. I started out on Cymbalta 30 mg and was increased to 60. Later was started out on Gabapentin 300 mg and after 10 days this was doubled to 600 mg. Since I was just doubled on the Gabapentin, so haven’t seen much improvement yet. When I was diagnosed with FM I had several people ask me if I drank diet soft drinks. No, I don’t like the taste. Then I was told by a friend that she had heard that aspertane (sugar substitute) and possibly other sugar substitutes causes FM. I’m sure this would be in large amounts consumed in the diet. I still didn’t see the connection. I have a dry cough that drs haven’t been able to help with so I have cough drops in my mouth many times a day for years. I researched the ingredients and BINGO… Sugar substitute. This made me sick to think that I more than likely contributed to my having FM. After almost 2months of pain, MRIs, x-rays, CTs, sonograms, in ER twice, I finally said to my dr could it be FM. She referred to another dr to confirm and was put on Cymbalta. But the pain that continued to extremely hurt was around my bra line, which I learned by researching online was Costochondritis, which some FM patients also have. I can’t wear a bra, it hurts soooo bad. Drs said take Aleve, etc for the pain. This didn’t even touch the pain. Again I researched and learned about anti-inflammation supplements. Again I have just started on the supplements for the Costo. Drs just don’t enough about FM. I had to suggest to my dr both the FM and Costochondritis. I will be seeing a Naturopath in a few days. Two people have highly recommended him. Yes, I have to pay out of pocket and I have to admit that’s why I have put it off. But when the 2nd person also said how much he had helped her, I decided to call. Both of these did not have FM or Costochondritus. Hope this long message helps someone out there. I will let you all know if the Naturopath helps.

  24. Martha : This is a follow up to my 1st comment . When I was diagnosed the symptoms of pain in my shoulders and legs and back would come and go. The fatigue was a constant . I was employed. I had a family . I thought it was lingering flu and aches and pain. I saw my doctor who did a manual test And sent me home with phamplets and 2 meds . amiltriptuline and muscle relaxers. Told me to keep a journal . Do not iron clothes or reach for things . Do not lift over 5 pds . Do nothing that will aggravate the symptoms . The tests showed I had low sertonin levels . None of this was what I expected to hear. It began to get worse. I would go into recession . Hey this is alright . Must be finally working. Then wham ! Back with a punch. I had good days and bad days . Good weeks and bad weeks . My whole routine had to change.

  25. Hello thank u all for the comments. I take fentayl patches every 3 days and take 150 mg of lyrica as well 10/325 mg of hydrocodoine 3 times a day. Those r the main ones. I have a very bad back where the disk pitches for spine and pain is so bad but I also have fibro on top of that. Depression is so bad. The cant work or even get out of bed most days without yelling in pain. Going to the bathroom is hell. It’s so hard to where I was in er to help me. I have 3 kids and I want to be the mom I used to be but its been so long I forgot how it feels. I have lost two husband’s due to the cant deal with my pain. I can’t work but ssi turned me down saying I can answer phones. I can barely get my kids to school on time everyday. When I get home I also tired I pass out. I might have two good days a week. The second day of patch is usually my best day. But coming off of the patch is hell as well as pills. I have lost weight but maybe that’s cuz I am not hungry anymore as well as I used to crave sex but for bout 6 yrs I don’t want it so I don’t know what to do. I want to enjoy my life n not be in pain n go poop without screaming or going to er. Dr says I just have to deal. Please email me if u feel same.

  26. I had a knee replacement in October 2015. I now have nerve pain in the operated leg, no doubt from having 2 epidurals in 5 months. The nerve pain was terrible. I was put on Lyrica. I must say at the time it was a life saver. The pain was so bad, I sure I could die. No one warned me about the potential weight gain. I was wearing track pants everyday, so I didn’t notice it. But the huge swelling in my feet, and calves, and I couldn’t put my boots on….I got on the scales. Horror. I gained 40 lbs in 3.5 months! I was taking 150mg of Lyrica 3x a day. Yesterday, I felt so terrible I thought something was really wrong. I’m weaning off the Lyrica. I’m down to 50mg 3x day. After a week, blurred vision, nerve pain returned, joint stiffness, sore/tender stomach, diarrhea, slight nausea, extreme exhaustion….at 4am this morning I looked up Lyrica withdrawal, and there it all is! (I’m an R.N.) so at 4am I took 75 mg of Lyrica, and thought I’ll deal with this in the morning. I see on one of the sites, that it advises only lowering the Lyrica 10% per month. My doctor has taken me from 450mg/day to 150mg per day in about 8 weeks. It’s far too fast. Plus he’s prescribed for me Cymbalta. I looked it up, and why in the world would I go through this again! I’m simply not going to take the Cymbalta, even if I’m stuck taking 150 mg a day for life of Lyrica, I’m not going through this again with Cymbalta. Misery loves company, and after yesterday, I need your company!!

  27. Connie pepples

    Help! After suffering with undiagnosed pain in legs, many drugs like amitriptoline, lyrica, and having either no relief or horrible side affects like insomnia, now I’m supposed to take Cymbalta, actually Duloxetine. Why can’t the doctors diagnose instead of experiment with drugs? I read a lot about this drug and don’t think it will help. I’m not depressed, just fed up with the pain and imbalance., eleven years. My RA count was 62, so he says I may have sub clinical rheumatoid arthritis. But no joint pain. The X-rays will prove it one way or the other.

  28. Cymbata changed my life. I’m not depressed anymore. But I can’t sleep; I’m anxious all the time and extremely energetic. After 24 years of a smoke free life, I’m smoking again, I feel very guilty!
    I have learned to live in pain, not severe tough but pain is pain.
    I do yoga and a lot of walking.
    And, sweating is the worst.
    It is said thar Fibro has has a lot to do with stress in our early lives. Well, my mom died when I was 5 and my dad gave all the responsability of his daughters to a rigid and really cruel stepmother.
    I was afraid and obviously stressed, most of the time. I recommend Pema Chodron book, When Things Fall Apart. It has helped me a lot regarding “living the pain” and not trying to avoid it. Strange but true!
    Thanks for reading. Sandra.

  29. I am Sophie from Canada, I once suffered from a terrible and Chronic fibromhyalgia,since i was bone , the doctor told me there was no permanent cure i was given medications to slow down its progress, i constantly felt my health was deteriorating as i constantly had Painful menstrual periods,this ailment was really terrible especially when am going out with my friends, i have this constant disorder for about 31 years, this was really a terrible ailment ,on thin one day that i was going through the internet,and i came across a post of Mrs jessica on how his daughter was been cured from fibromhyalgia through the help of Dr Williams herbal product, I contacted this herbal doctor via his email and explain everything to him and make purchase of his product,few days later he sent me the herbal medicine through courier service, when i received the herbal medicine, i used it for 1 months and two weeks as prescribed by dr williams and i was totally cured within those week of usage,on thin now i have not experience any sign or characteristics again . for more information you can email him on drwilliams098675@gmail.comfor help

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