PatientsLikeMeOnCall: Tapping into a Treasure Trove of Information

Dr. Kevin Dykstra, PhD, President and CEO of qPharmetra

Last Friday we kicked off our new weekly podcast series called “It’s Friday – Let’s Journal Club.” Thanks to everyone who tuned in. This week’s guest interview is with Dr. Kevin Dykstra, PhD, who is President and CEO of qPharmetra, a pharmacometric consulting company. Dr. Dykstra stopped by PatientsLikeMe headquarters to talk to our team about the use of modeling and simulation to aid drug development.

After this insightful “Journal Club” session, PatientsLikeMe’s Aaron Fleishman sat down with Dr. Dykstra to learn more about how his team is working to measure the clinical utility of treatments in a systematic, quantitative way. Listen in to hear what exactly that involves and why Dr. Dykstra feels PatientsLikeMe is a “treasure trove of information” that is “incredibly useful” for both patients and drug developers

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  1. I thought perhaps there would be a place for chronic lyme disease. I have had it along with my husband since 1968. It has been so painful and included so many parts of the body kidneys, heart endocrine neurological bladder etc. Drs. out there do not really care or are afraid of losing their licenses and do not treat. We know there is no cure for us but wish the few drs who do care would put their heads together rather than all the infighting. We meet people every day with this and the children who develop learning disabilities hurt the most. Thanks for listening and God bless

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