PatientsLikeMe Announces Enhanced Treatment Reporting

Treatment reporting is a critical part of PatientsLikeMe. Sharing your information lets others see what treatments you’ve tried…and how well they’ve worked. It also gives you a precise record over time to show your doctors.

We’ve had several requests to enhance our treatment reporting tools, and well, we listened. Our top-to-bottom treatment overhaul is officially live, and we are delighted to unveil the major improvements we’ve made. We think you’ll find that not only is it easier to enter treatment information now, but the end result is more useful too.

picture-5.pngFor a good overview, check out our screencast demonstrating how the new treatment reporting process works. Below are some of the most important changes.

Easier updating
To start, we’ve put all treatment updates on one page. We’ve made it easier to find and add new treatments, see what data has been entered, learn what data is missing and update or add information. Plus, we’ve made it simpler to confirm that your treatments have remained the same – something many members have asked for!

More accurate dosing data
We’ve upgraded our treatment database to include more accurate dosing information. In turn, we use this to help you enter more accurate information.

More comprehensive evaluations
We have made significant enhancements to our treatment evaluations. Our new survey captures information about efficacy, adherence, burden, side effects, unexpected effects, advice/tips and cost, providing a more complete picture of your treatment experience.

Improved treatment reports
We’ve redesigned our Treatment Reports to synthesize all of this new data in an easier-to-understand format. We believe you will find these new Treatment Reports are far more informative than before.

Now that we’ve made these extensive changes, we urge you to take a spin. Review your treatment information. Make any needed updates. If you have been on any treatment for more than six months, provide evaluations. This will make the new Treatment Reports even more valuable for us all.

Thanks for your keen input on this aspect of the site, and please, keep it up. We’d love to hear your feedback about the overhaul!

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