ALS and Athleticism: What Have We Learned?

“Clinicians are used to seeing ALS patients who are or have been athletic. So is there a link, and if so, could exercise have a direct effect on the condition?”BMJ Group Podcasts

In 2010, PatientsLikeMe researchers collaborated with the University of Oxford Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Centre in the UK on a study about ALS handedness. What they discovered is that when ALS patients get symptoms in their arms first, they’re more likely to get them in their dominant arm. However, there was no correlation between lower limb onset and the dominant leg. This noteworthy research was presented at the ALS MND Symposium the same year.

BMJ Group Podcasts, Featuring Dr. Martin Turner

Recently, this paper was selected by the medical journal that published it as the “Patient’s Choice” article, meaning that it will be open access for all patients to read as well as the subject of a podcast. Tune in below to hear the podcast interview with the lead study author, Dr. Martin Turner, about what this research means and how it ties into his ongoing investigation of a possible connection between athleticism and ALS. (Jump to the 8:30 mark for his interview.)

Listen to the podcast interview with Dr. Martin Turner here.

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