A Study by Northwestern University School of Medicine Links Psoriasis to Obesity in Children

It’s no secret that being overweight comes with health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and heart attack. After a new study, researchers from Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago are closer to adding psoriasis to the list. However, the study did not conclude if psoriasis influences obesity or visa versa. It’s still a bit like asking, ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg?’ Here are the facts of the study:

  • 409 children with psoriasis (ages 5-17) from nine countries participated
  • Children with psoriasis were twice as likely to be overweight
  • Obesity risk for children increased despite their psoriasis being mild or severe


According to Dr. Amy S. Paller, Chair of Dermatology at Northwestern Medicine, “one-third of all psoriasis cases start in childhood.” If there is a metabolic link between the two conditions, having a healthy lifestyle earlier on could prove important to managing not only weight and cardiovascular health, but psoriasis as well.

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You can find the entire text of the study here.

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