Who’s Trying a Lectin-Free Diet?

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But first, let’s talk about lectins, which are sugar-binding proteins that mimic insulin. Lectins bind to carbohydrates and various proteins, causing inflammation. As a result, they have been linked with autoimmune disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia.  To help fight this inflammatory process, a lectin-free diet restricts certain things like grains, nightshades (i.e. peppers, tomatoes, potatoes), legumes (i.e. beans) and some starches.  While most foods contain some amount of lectins, these food groups are considered the “worst offenders.”

What kinds of data points can you share about a lectin-free diet at PatientsLikeMe?  Thanks to our unique data-sharing platform, you can share detailed information on this diet’s effectiveness, side effects, cost and more.  You can also offer freeform tips and advice to others considering the diet and report what health condition(s) you are attempting to treat.   Whether you’ve found a lectin-free diet helpful in controlling inflammation or you’ve discontinued it for various reasons, your story will provide valuable insight to those who are searching for answers.


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