What Other Patients Are Saying About Solupred

Solupred is an international brand of prednisolone, a widely prescribed corticosteroid that modifies the body’s immune response and decreases inflammation. It is used to treat a host of inflammatory and autoimmune health conditions, including multiple sclerosis (acute exacerbations), organ rejection, lupus, psoriasis, asthma and ulcerative colitis.

At PatientsLikeMe, where more than 120,000 patients are sharing their experiences with conditions, symptoms, treatments and more, two patients report using Solupred currently while 68 patients report using another form of prednisolone.  What can we learn from these patients’ experiences?  Quite a bit, actually, thanks to PatientsLikeMe’s unique data-sharing platform.  For example, the most commonly reported prednisolone duration amongst current users is two years or more, while the most commonly reported dosage at PatientsLikeMe is 5mg daily.

Wondering about Solupred side effects?  Some of the commonly reported side effects of prednisolone include weight gain, heart palpitations, insomnia, dry eyes and abdominal bloating.  Check out the 22 treatment evaluations of prednisolone (the generic form of Solupred) submitted by our patients to gain even more insight.


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