Weed 101: How and why patients use medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is a hot topic in the news (and here in the PatientsLikeMe community). So we took a closer look into what it is, how it works, and what members are saying about it. Take a look:

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6 thoughts on “Weed 101: How and why patients use medical marijuana”

  1. I have bipolar II. I take 1000 mg Depakote each night. Would you recommend medical marijuana in addition? I have been taking Depakote for over 30 years.

  2. I would not recommend it. Possible interactions between Depakote and marijuana- there is no clinical study that can prove it either way.

    Anecdotally, I have cyclothymia (you could call it Bipolar III) and was diagnosed and medicated AFTER I had been a 1-3 times smoker each day for 2 years. I believe it is likely marijuana had been contributing to more mood swings I was experiencing. Hence why I decided to get medication after years of fear around psych meds. I did use marjuana to tamp down when I was too high and also to feel a bit better when anxious/depressed. Works well for the former and 50/50 for the latter, in my experience.

  3. Elizabeth Johnson

    Insomnia can be troublesome if not taken care well in time. I used to have sleepless night then I got to know that cannabis can help me in getting a sound sleep which I needed the most. As using cannabis is illegal so I got my medical recommendation from onlinemedicalcard. Now, I can enjoy my favorite God’s Gift strain and keep my insomnia at bay.

  4. Legalization of medical marijuana is one of the hot subjects. People still worried about, Is it fair legalizing it? How effective is it? What conditions can it be used for? Isn’t it addictive anymore? How to keep it out of the hands of teenagers? How to prevent its recreational use? Well! To be very honest, there are a lot of questions that are directly or indirectly associated with cannabis. But I can only say is medical marijuana is beneficial if it takes according to doctors prescriptions.

  5. This is really good infograph. More and more people are now switching to CBD for their chronic pains which has been really common among adults and they have been getting positive results with the help of medical marijuana.

  6. individuals still disquieted concerning, Is it truthful legalizing it? however effective is it? What conditions will or not it’s used for? Isn’t it habit-forming anymore? a way to keep it out of the hands of teenagers? a way to forestall its recreational use? Well! To be terribly honest, there square measure heaps of queries that square measure directly or indirectly related to cannabis. however, I will solely say is medical marijuana is useful if it takes in line with doctors prescriptions.

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