The Patient Voice- Parkinson’s member Ed shares his story


Back in March, we shared some of our infographics and videos on the blog, and as part of our #dataforgood initiative, PatientsLikeMe member Ed spoke about his experiences with Parkinson’s disease and why he thinks it’s all a group effort. Click above to watch his video, and keep an eye out for more interviews with PatientsLikeMe members talking about what #dataforgood means to them.

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1 thought on “The Patient Voice- Parkinson’s member Ed shares his story”

  1. Interesting comparing Ed’s story to mine. In retrospect, a decade before final diagnosis I was having difficulty writing, but only went to the doctor when the right sided stiffness and weakness got worse. I was sent to a neurologist who said ‘Don’t worry – it’s not Parkinson’s’…..presumably as I had no perceptible tremor. A few months later (2years ago) PD was confirmed after a scan. Now after only two years of thinking I was nothing like typical Parkinson’s, the disease has progressed quite swiftly, and treatment always lags behind the symptoms. I don’t feel very optimistic, I have to say, but then having suffered from lifelong depression, I rarely have!

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