The Patient Voice- MS member Jackie shares her story

Posted January 12th, 2015 by


When Jackie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after a long, exhausting process, she struggled with a fear of the unknown and had no idea what she would be facing. But then she connected with the thousands of MS members on PatientsLikeMe. Jackie shared with the community about how she felt her current medication was making matters worse instead of better, and others responded with how they had the same experience. They told her about a new medication that seemed to be working for some of them. Jackie’s doctor prescribed it after she mentioned what others had shared, and she’s been having good luck with it ever since. Watch the video to see more of her journey.



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  1. Very nice lady, Gave her opinion on her meds very nicely

  2. I have been diagnosis ex with primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

  3. I was fired after telling my employer that I was diagnosed having multiple sclerosis.

  4. Very encouraging post

  5. Lovely story darling hang in there xxxx

  6. John Kehs. Get a lawyer. They cannot do that. Thinking of you.

  7. who is that lady? she looks like someone I use to know.

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