The Open Research Exchange- A talk with pilot researcher William Polonsky, Ph.D., CDE

You’ve probably seen some recent posts about PatientsLikeMe’s new Open Research Exchange. Medical researchers will be using our ORE website to pilot, deploy, share and validate new ways to measure diseases. And PatientsLikeMe members will have an opportunity to give feedback on their work, putting them – the patients – at the center of new medical research.

We wanted to take a quick second to introduce our blog followers to ORE pilot researcher Dr. William Polonsky and share his recent podcast interview with everyone. One of the first clinical health psychologists in the U.S., William has dedicated his career to helping patients with diabetes, conducting research to examine the disease’s critical psychological factors, and lecturing and training healthcare professionals so they can help patients help themselves. The scale he wants to develop on ORE is what he calls the WHY STOP scale. It’s an attempt to understand if you’re eating a meal, how do you decide you’re done?


Most important, William wants to know how new diabetes medications seem to affect people’s satiety, or how full they feel when they eat. On ORE, William aims to create the first instrument to understand when and how these medications affect people, and how other patients can make better use of them.

We’ll be sending out invites next week, so if you’re living with type 2 diabetes and want to add your voice to William’s research, just create a PatientsLikeMe profile. Already a member? That’s great! Just be sure to sign into your profile this weekend and we’ll send an invite along.

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