The “Are You Sleeping?” campaign kick off. How the PatientsLikeMe Team sleeps

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Sleep and its impact on our lives is one of the hottest topics on PatientsLikeMe. It’s one reason why, over the next several months, PatientsLikeMe is going to be taking a deeper look at your sleep experiences and how they affect your overall health. So, we want to know – Are you sleeping? Keep an eye out for conversations about sleep in the forums, insomnia topics in the newsletter and research surveys that will help uncover more about sleep (or lack thereof). We’ll take a look at everything you’re sharing over the next few months and tell you more about what we’re seeing (stay tuned!) There are many things that can impact our sleep, so let’s get the conversation going and start catching some more Zzzzz’s.

To kick off our “Are You Sleeping?” campaign, we recently went ‘under the covers’ with this PatientsLikeMe staff quick poll. Sixty one of us completed it and below are highlights of what we found about our teams’ own sleep. How do we compare to your experiences?

How well are you sleeping?
All in all, we found that the majority (89%) of our staffers are sleeping OK or better.

How well are you sleeping?


On average, how much sleep do you get every night?
Although our Zzzz’s are OK, 61% of us are only getting between 5-7 hours a night. (And according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that’s way less than the recommended 7-9 hours for adults.)

How many hours?


Do you have a problem…
For those who fessed up to having sleep troubles, more people said it’s staying asleep that’s the issue (77%).  (While we didn’t do hard research on this, we can anecdotally share that many people around the office have toddlers and infants at home, so that could be a contributing factor.)

sleep problems


What have you tried to help you fall asleep?
When it comes to needing sleep aids to catch those Zzzz’s, you’ll see more of our employees turning to solutions like books (60%), lifestyle changes (50%), TV (31%), relaxation (31%) and sex (33%). Some of us try over-the-counter interventions (22%), prescriptions (16%) and homeopathic techniques (14%). (We also asked what’s least helpful and found ‘watching TV’ tops that list.)

Tried to fall asleep


Since joining the PatientsLikeMe team, do you…
And last but not least, since joining the PatientsLikeMe team, only a handful have had changes in their sleep with 13 people saying they sleep less (23%) and, surprisingly, 5 (8%)  now sleep more. (Obviously, those 5 people just don’t have enough to do. We’ll fix that.)


How does your sleep compare to ours? Update your symptoms, including insomnia, on your PatientsLikeMe profile. And here’s a glance at what some of your fellow community members are saying on the “How the PatientsLikeMe Team sleeps” forum thread.

  • “My sleep is practically non existent, if I get a full hour of unbroken sleep I count that as a good sleep.”
  • “I sleep maybe 3-4 hours a night. I get up & read a little & then go back to sleep for about another 3-4 hours. Very rarely do I sleep 5 hours at a time.”
  • “My problem is I am extremely tired all day long.  I do sleep like 5-6 hours in bed sometimes, wake up, and go sit in the recliner.”

Not a PatientsLikeMe member? Not a problem. Start your own profile for free and tell us… are you sleeping?


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