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The countdown is on! There are only two weeks left for our patients to enter the PatientsLikeMe “Express Yourself” Video Contest and have a chance to win one of five American Express gift cards ranging from $150-500.

If you haven’t heard, we are asking patients to create a video of three minutes or less that answers the question, “How has PatientsLikeMe changed your life?” If you are thinking of entering the contest but not sure how to express yourself, here are some examples of how patients have answered this question:

  • “PatientsLikeMe is the main reason that I concluded I had been mis-diagnosed depressive, instead of bipolar, and just recently decided to try new medication.”
  • “For years, I had always taken just 10mg of . I was told long ago by my neurologist that “too much Baclofen can cause weak legs.” Then I sign up here, take a peek at what you guys are doing, and find out I don’t take enough Baclofen to deal with my symptoms. Give the neurologist a call, no problem, and [I am] much, much better.”
  • “PatientsLikeMe has changed my life.  This is my outlet.  I shared and poured my heart…and connected with hundreds of people around the world.”

Wondering how would you express such things on video?  Check out the submission below from one of our first contest entrants, Roulette67.  Her video is titled “I Am Not Alone,” and it discusses living with bipolar II disorder.  “I’m bipolar, it’s not a brand on my arm, it’s not a scarlet letter on my chest,” she says in the video.  “It’s part of me, but it’s not me.”

Do you have your own story to share? Tell it to the camera, like Roulette67. Or you could sing a song. Or perhaps combine photos with text to illustrate your experience. There are countless ways to express yourself using video, so be creative!

If you’re feeling inspired to enter, read the complete rules and guidelines before you get started, and don’t forget that May 1, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. EDT is the official submission deadline.

PatientsLikeMe member afleishman


  1. I have tried and couldn’t get through for contest. I am not concerned about contest. I have been trying and doing as much as i can to Encourage and Support others in my situation TBI and to show them to hang in there. I was told i’d never live alone again and in five months i was. I was a CDL semi driver and i can accept i’ll never drive at all snything again.
    I was released 9-25-08 my son new my concern and flew from California to creat me a web site to share. then slowly i figured out how to put video on Face Book. I put actual ER videos my sister took because i wasn’t expected to come out of coma.
    The Florida Highway Patrol invited me down for a news release and FOX news interviewed me. I share all the pictures and videos on Face Book: My BRAIN TRAUMA Discussions. All i want is for others to use the connection to ask questions of what they wonder. I’ve tried to connect with schools Drivers ED and or to show site to students to get their attention. I still try many things and to even get FOX news to share my face book site.
    What can you do if anything. Nobody evers contacts me back the say they care but its just words. I keep a file of all i do. where do you stand ?

  2. Hey Alan,

    Thank you for your interest in PatientsLikeMe and our video contest! We’d love for you to join the site, so you can share your health experiences with patients like you and participate in our contest. To join our site, go to From there you can enter the contest. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message at I look forward to seeing you as a member soon!

    – Aaron.

  3. Awesome Dana! You certainly aren’t alone.

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