Tell the World: Parkinson’s Patients Unite Online and Off

At PatientsLikeMe, thousands of patients are uniting online to share healtimg_8761h data, find patients like them, and to learn from one another.  Since this is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight an off-line event that also represents unity – aptly named the Unity Walk.  The annual event, which takes place next weekend in New York City, brings together more than 10,000 Parkinson’s patients and their families to educate the community and celebrate the great strides made in funding Parkinson’s research.

img_8743-smallerAs in the past, our very own group of patients will be walking at the 16th Annual Unity Walk in Central Park.  Led by pokie too, the 30+ person Team PatientsLikeMe will be gathering in New York to meet one another and to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s research.  As part of the PatientsLikeMeInMotion program, we are happy to once again sponsor this year’s team.

Want to learn more about the Unity Walk?  Listen in to our latest installment of PatientsLikeMeOnCall podcast series where Aaron Fleishman gets the scoop from Unity Walk Executive Director, Carol Walton.  They discuss walk details, Team PatientsLikeMe, and what the walk has been able to accomplish for Parkinson’s patients.

Can’t get to New York for the Unity Walk?  No sweat.  Tune in to see PatientsLikeMe via webcast starting at 2:30pm on April 24th.  Let’s keep spreading the word about Parkinson’s and wish good luck to our very own Team PatientsLikeMe.

PatientsLikeMe member mcotter

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  1. There will never be enough words to thank you for giving me the chance, for the third year, to walk in representation of all my friends on Patientslikeme and the site administrators themselves. The moral support I have received in times of strife has been non ending and without all of you I am sure I would not be here now to tell my story. You have lit a passion that cannot be easily extinguished by disease. May we continue to celebrate this wonderful and fulfilling relationship that enriches not only me but so may of my fellow patients be they Parkinson, Epileptic, bi polar are what. Keep up the good work and THANKS AGAIN….love ya Pokie

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