Study results: What patients like you said about sleep medications

Posted March 28th, 2016 by

Over a year ago, we partnered up with Merck Pharmaceuticals to learn more about insomnia and sleep medications. More than 1,200 PatientsLikeMe members responded to questions about how long they’ve had sleep problems, what treatments they’re using, what interferes with sleep most and what their overall quality of sleep is like.

Here’s what we uncovered (tap each graphic for a larger view).

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  1. I have awful insomnia–i have many chronic illness–was on ambien–7 yrz took med away-~~np–was a nut—–its ok–i just need a medication to help me sleep,,,,,I am going nuts–with sleep problems—trouble falling asleep–rested sleep—i am at wits end—if i was offered a medication to try–that does not give restless leg syndrom–this is a huge problem in –my life–61—no ovaries/uterus–2001—-fibromyalgia-diabetes-pain–have knee–bad arthritis—but trying to sleep—its a fight –every day/night—i am now a prisoner of my lack of rest—and everyday fight to–sleep—medication–has always worked—and–at wits no–sleep donna —end—

  2. I tore both rotator cups, took both sleeping and pain meds for two weeks, had servere reactions to the meds and pain and quit sleeping almost completely. It had been 5 years of trying everything offered and now can sleep for about 5 hours of interrupted sleep most nights. Would hypnosis help me?

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