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Stresam is an international brand of etifoxine, a non-benzodiazepine anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and anticonvulsant drug.  It is used to treat anxiety disorders – such as general anxiety disorder (GAD) or social anxiety disorder or panic disorder – and to promote peripheral nerve healing in patients with peripheral neuropathy.

At PatientsLikeMe, where more than 120,000 patients are sharing their experiences with conditions, symptoms, treatments and more, two patients report using Stresam currently while two patients report discontinuing it.  The reported reasons for taking it include anxious mood, shortness of breath and heart palpitations, while the one reported reason for discontinuation is that “the course of treatment ended.”  Out of all four patients, only one reports Stresam side effects, rated as “mild.”

Given the prevalence of anxiety disorders, we know there are many others who may have tried Stresam to relieve their anxiousness.  If you’ve used Stresam, another formulation of etifoxine or other anti-anxiety medications, we encourage you to share your experiences (including side effects) to help other patients.  PatientsLikeMe’s unique data-sharing platform allows you to share detailed data about all types of treatments, interventions and lifestyle modifications that have helped you or simply had no effect.


Have you taken Stresam – or another brand of etifoxine? Join PatientsLikeMe and add your experiences to our growing body of knowledge.  Then, stay to exchange advice and support, research common treatments and learn from other patients like you.


  1. my 1st night with stresam is totaly unrest with racing thoughts nd sleep is disappeared
    i have take before 5 hourz but i havent sleep yet

  2. This worked awesome for me, took 1st thing in the morning when required and made me a different person in times of severe stress

  3. My doctor prescribed Stresam for my palpitations which I had been experiencing for a few months. I have been able to sleep much better and the palpitations, which were really bad, have almost disappeared. I have been taking Stresam for one week – one tablet one hour before bedtime.

  4. I started on Stresam last week , my moods got even worse , stoped taking it over the weekend and i calmed down , started taking it yesterday and ive become a grumpy bastard again. Im stopping now , this stuff has had the opposite affect on me that it should have .

  5. I’m taking stresam recommended by my doctor, for two days now I’ve been taking stresam, but I am experiencing dizziness, joint wonbling like is checking when am walking and also I feel like sleeping but I cant, although I wasnt taking only stresam, I also take indoblok and cotaree I am going through high blood presure and high partention so I dont know which of the medications that is making me dizzy and all the checking. I need an answers.

  6. One capsule of Stresam at a time did nothing for me, so my doctor advised me to take two at a time. Now the worst of my anxiety attacks during the day are under control and I haven’t noticed any side effects.

    My nights are still really bad… The double dose of Stresam does nothing at all. Racing thoughts, palpitation, sweating etc. I still need 0.5 Mg Xanax + Doxylamine (an antihistamine) one hour before sleeping in order to have a good nights sleep. To bad that the Doxylamine can only be taken temporarily.

  7. I started drinking Stresam 1week ago, because of my overactive thyroid I use to get anxious very badly, but since I started drinking the Stresam the anxiety got worst I could’nt breath properly, I could’nt sleep at night and I was not focus to the extreme that I had to stop driving. It’s now 2 days that I am no more taking Stresam and I feel alot better. I think this had the opposite effect on me.

  8. Hi,

    I took stresam in the morning and after a couple of hoursI felt less anxiety and a tad bit relaxed.
    My mind slowed down on the over thinking and I feel it has done a good job.

  9. Today is my first experience with Stresam I don’t know the effects yet but my doctor prescribed 3 capsules per day… The weird thing is that I don’t even have anxiety or anything related to it so why would he give it to me? Please I need an answer ASAP

  10. I have been using Stresam for 4 days now and it has made a huge difference. I am extremely stressed and tense in my shoulder blades, back and shoulders and half an hour after taking the first capsule, the pain and tenseness lessened. I am also on Concerta and Cilift.

  11. Been using Stressm on and off for years now – everytime my Ankylosing Spondylitis flares and pain and fatigue peaks, I use it. I believe in it, like I believe in God. It makes me a MUCHZ better person to have around and I have MUCH less guilt because of my outbursts..

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  13. My life changed dramatically since using stresam. Only used it for 2 weeks. I’ m calm. No more stressing.

    Thanx a million

  14. Started taking Stresam yesterday afternoon (1x 50mg) I’m woke up with a terrible headache and developed extreme nausea with is still persistent now, 26 hours later. Sure this must be stated as a side effect. Not going to take any more. This is to bad.

  15. Today is the first day I’ve taken Stresam. I have never been on any other anti anxiety meds. For the first time in years I feel balanced and calm. I’ve tried anti depressant pills before but I’m so glad this works differently. Yes I do feel drowsy but will continue and I’m hoping that this passes with time. I had a very stressful day today. This pill has really helped me relax and think more clearly.

  16. Today wil my first day to take stressam my doct adv me to take it twice a day before meal…is it use b4 meal???

  17. My doc had recommended me this capsule Stresam 50mg only one per day before sleep. By using this capsule, It has severe side effects such as severe headache, heavy head, dizziness, and most importantly drowsiness. I am very disappointed by this capsule. It has very severe side-effects. I won’t recommend to anybody further.

  18. I’ve been on stressam for 2 months now for anxiety following treatment for cancer (successful). They have transformed my life, I now have inner peace and mind is calm for the first time in 2 years. Yes I suffered with side effects- drowsiness, dizziness, head ache, feeling a bit wired but tired at the same time, a bit spaced out, but after a few days these symptoms passed. Fabulous drug!

  19. My doc recommended stresam for me yesterday n I av bought it..but am scared too apply it afta reading some comments about the side effect here….I dont know if i should start using it?

  20. Can someone advice me should. I start taken the drugs?

  21. I use stresam for anxienty and I feel much better, the only side effects I have is that I am unable to sleep through the night

  22. My wife used other perscription drugs and i tried Lexamil. The side effects are just to severe. We both started using Stresam with great success. I have an over active thyroid and stress and panic easily. Stresam really helps us to cope and i use it as and when needed. Awesome drug…….

  23. been on it for a month and its amazing going from sever anxiety to where i couldn’t function or be productive to feeling like a normal human

  24. Vitamins, supplements, and other flavored drugs and treats can also be
    a problem.

  25. My wife sufferes from severe panic attcks and is on Perazipam and Seroplex she has just started the Seroplex this morning and has began getting more stressed. I am prescribed Stresam and find it helps me and I wondered if it woyuld be good for her anxiety disorder?

  26. I’ve been on stresam for about 3 weeks now give or take a few days, I was prescribed 50mg 3 times a day as my anti-depressant was causing heightened anxiety levels (which is normal) and it’s an amazing medical drug, for myself it works within 30-45 min and calms me down emaculatly but I can feel it waring off within 5-7 hours depending on how stressful the day can get, and that’s usually when the next capsual would be taken. My side effects have been, loss of hunger, drowsiness (which I see common) and zoning out occationally.

  27. My doctor prescribe to me stresam twice a day..And thanks to All mighty GOD i m feeling better and best.relaxed and normal feelings. Its best for GAD and panic disorder..thank u every one

  28. I am going through a very rough personal patch and got severe panic attacks for the first time in my life. The doctor prescribed Stresam because I do not want to take tranquilizers. I asked for something to just help me function normal again without making me feel like a zombie. I started taking it two days ago. She said up to 4 a day. 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening at this stage. Tuesday was the first day and I felt a bit like my old self again. Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks I was able to function and did not have a panic attack. I was a bit grumpy, but it could have been something else. Today will be my third day.
    If you are going through a bad patch try Stresam, it is helping me immensely.

  29. I am on this medication now for about a week. I dont know if it is this drug that makes me so sick or what…..i am having very bad heart palpitations as well as shortness of breath…the first night i really struggled to sleep. I was adviced to take this medication in the morning and then i take Faviren at night. Anyone had the same experience?

  30. My hubby has been diagnosed with valve prolapse & the doctor prescribed aspirin (ecotrin). Since this diagnoses although less serious he developed anxiety attacks & now on treatment for high blood pressure. He’s been having headaches now for the past 3 days. He hardly gets sick or headaches. Currently on Prexum 5mg for treating high blood pressure & on Stresam 50mg. He’s been on both these meds for a week. Could these headaches be a side effect?

  31. This drug made me a normal person again. I don’t feel weird and anxious all the time and I’m more open to social interactions. The effect is very subtle but it changes my mindset. No side effects. I am taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening. Do I need to stop using it after 6 weeks or can I take it forever? I did not find any studies for long term use.

  32. I’ve just taken my first dose about an hour ago. I have GAD anyway, but have had one of the worst days of my life, and was literally shaking in the doctor’s office and could hardly talk. So far I can’t believe how calm I am now, especially under the circumstances. I’m a bit worried about how many people say it disrupts sleep, though. I sleep incredibly badly, even with other meds. Will see how the night goes

  33. My doctor prescribed me this as an IBS aid, I take it last night before bed and am still awake, was very tired for first few hours, very sleepy but wired feeling that prevented me even to close my eyes I feel somewhat like will sleep to death. After a sleepless night, wired effect gradually subsides, and am happy to survive this experience. Everyone is different, like others said it has opposite effect on me.

  34. I’ve been on Stressam for a couple of weeks now. I took 1 tablet a day. I told my dr of the heart pulpitation and I was told to up it to 3 a day. Now my heart pulpitations are more often and longer. I’m going to stop using it. Since being on the tablets I’ve also been very tired and slept like a rock at night. It also helped with my panic attacks. I will use natural medication for now.

  35. Anybody experienced weight gain on Stresam? I’ve been breaking my brain trying to figure out why I have been gaining so much weight recently….the only thing I can come up with, is the stressam I have been taking the past 4 months. I feel great, but my self esteem suffers because of the extra kilos.

  36. I have been on stressam for a couple of months now, taking two tablets in the morning and two late afternoon. I don’t sleep good and have some memory loss of what occurred before bedtime in previous evening. Anyone experience these memory losses as well? Maybe it could be other medications that I am taking.

  37. Stresam helped wonderfully in the first few weeks. About 2 months of taking it (2 x 50mg once at night), I started feeling funny. Headaches, dizzy, fuzziness, sore body. I also had withdrawal bleeding. Not sure if it is related. I’ve stopped now for 2 days and the fuzziness is gone although I still get a headache every now and then.

  38. One month of using it – keeps me up, can’t sleep .overthinking, irritability.
    one 50 mg tablet daily.

  39. Stream. 1st dose at night calmed me I’m having Dy time panic attacks and taking enough herbal calming aids to sink a battle ship. I take Xanax 3mg at night I had a very poor sleep tossing and mind racing and heart palpitations, but it could be a temporary side effect you come over I’m highly sensitive to medication.

    Some comments to things people mentioned. Been on benzo for 11 yrs and I am sensitive this might help.

    Memory loss before bed. I have this it’s because you trying to stay awake when you should get you but into bed and go to sleep. Yes it could be other medication but this is a form of benzo and they can do that.

    Weight gain is possible. But if you feeling better you should be able to get to gym? Remeber weight and age also play a role. I was fine on benzo for a long while in last 5 years I have picked up some decent weight but I was not able to excersise and I’m now over 35 typical body change time.

    Shortness of breath. This I get a lot, I’m on a benzo. So if I have lack of sleep or my body is fighting a small infection I get short of breath, esp when tired. I think has to do with how benzo play with blood pressure and slowed heart race. Sometime increase heart rate and your body is working over time. Generally does not last long, 1d or 2d go’s hand in hand with fatigue.

    Will try report back here as not many people take Xanax or alprazolam.

  40. Since I am diagnosed with anxiety disorder and the doctor prescribed me stresam, now I am struggling to sleep and my heart feels heavy and I am worried to be awake day and night, I’m taking one pill in the morning and one before bed.

  41. using it along with the serilife and zoldem.I am 30 having panic attacks and anxiety disorder. its my very first time i used such drug and visited the psychiatrist. i don’t know what is going on as i don’t feel like working anymore. drowsiness fast heart beat and drymouth. i never experienced this before……. i don’t know if i should continue

  42. I open up a 50mg capsule and swallow half the powder for a nice calming effect. Works better than taking the whole pill, I don’t know why maybe the side effects aren’t kicking in yet. And the effect is more noticable when I don’t take it every day.

  43. I have been using stresam on and off for a few months. Initially it was great worked on my anxiety but I also found that it faded quick like 5 to 6 hours. Eventually I was taking 3 per day but then he troubles started. I am on 200mg trazadone and even when I took it I could just not fall of to sleep. I stopped the stresam and now I can fall off to sleep although sleep is still broken. Anxiety came back but I guess I can manage the anxiety. Having limited sleep is what I cant manage.

  44. Hello everybody. I’ve been taking Stresam for a month and my life has improved a lot. I have stress and anxiety crisis and this medication has helped me in feeling more calm and not like a zombie at the same time. First week of treatment was awful because of the dizziness and increase of my blood pressure, but I was already warned about that by my psychiatrist. I quit caffeine and cigarettes, I’m eating healthier and smaller portions more times a day plus light exercise everyday and the side effects were gone faster. My prescription was one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon only if I felt like taking it, but I haven’t improved the dose so far because I haven’t needed it.
    Please consider that this medication is different since it takes longer to work and to our body to get used to it, quitting it after taking it just twice isn’t much of help. You start seeing results after a week, at least. That’s what the information sheet says, as well as my psychiatrist.
    I wish I don’t have to take them, but I can only say it’s worked so far.

  45. I’ve been taking Stressam for 2 months now. I asked my GP for something that I could take every now and then, like around exam time. I have taken a few different types of anti-anxiety medications before. Stressam has felt very mild for me. After a bad experience (major weight gain, mild voices in my head) with other medications, I have tried to deal with my anxiety without medication, but then opted for something I could take only when I really needed it.

    My menstual cycle has been absent since I started Stressam. I can’t think of any reason why it should be absent. I have stopped my birth control pack in hopes that my menstruated cycle will reset. I have also experienced daily headaches, constant thirst, skin rashes, overthinking and trying to be controlling and I don’t feel that I am able to retain information well when studying for exams. I’m not sure if it’s because of this medication, but it all started when I started Stressam. However, psycholigically, it feels like a mild cure for anxiety. Anyone else experincing these symptoms?

  46. Can anyone tell me , how do I get off stressam ? Do I just stop taking them ? I’ve been taking them for two months and I have started to feel very dizzy in the last two weeks . I have anxiety and I use them to help me but I wanna change to Biral . Any advice ?

  47. How single positive feedback on Stresam?

  48. ??
    There mostly positive from what I’ve read.

  49. Have been using stresam to help me with anxiety that was brought by withdrawing from lexotanil but the moment it took my stomach could bloat, bulge like am pregnant….and immediately more anxiety and panic sleep, overthinking, bad memory, thirsty…I was using it three times a day then I day but eventually
    stopped… currently am fairly off but it has left me with sore muscles, very tired, hungry always, headaches and heart palpitations.

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