Seeing [MS]: The invisible symptoms – pain

“I’m burnt alive every day.”

That’s how Stephen Papadopoulos, an Australian living with multiple sclerosis (MS), describes the level of pain he experiences on a daily basis. Pain is the second of nine symptoms portrayed in the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia’s (MSA) Seeing [MS] awareness campaign, and Stephen details his experience in the video below:


You are now seeing pain

Photographed by Garth Oriander
Inspired by Stephen Papadopoulos’ invisible symptom


We’re highlighting pain this month in an effort to reveal the invisible side of living with MS. You can also read other posts on pain – of particular note, Tam’s story about her private, intense pain.

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1 thought on “Seeing [MS]: The invisible symptoms – pain”

  1. Not a long video, but what a lasting message. His assertion that it feels like he doesn’t even belong in his own body is something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget– it’s one of the most powerful descriptions of what it is like to live with a medical condition like MS. Thank you for sharing this video.

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