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One thing that’s great about working at PatientsLikeMe is that our members are really invested in making our product better. Every day, we receive lots of great recommendations about how to improve the site.   Today, we’re unveiling newly redesigned treatment reports that incorporate feedback we’ve received in all our communities.  Want to know what medications patients like you are using to treat their condition and compare your experiences with others?  That’s what you can do with a treatment report.   In redesigning these reports, we wanted to make them more useful, more visible and easier to navigate.  Now you can:

  • Understand the experience of taking a treatment, including what the side-effects are and how people manage those side-effects
  • Learn how to cope with taking a drug (with tips and advice from other members and links to relevant forum threads)
  • Find and contact other patients like you who use a certain treatment (such as people who report the same side effects or people who take it for the same reason)
  • See how your experiences compare to those of other patients like you

If you’d like a tour of these new reports, check out the screencast below by our web developer Adam Darowski.  We’ll continue to update you through the forum, our newsletters and the blog on what’s new and improved on the site.  Your feedback helps us to continue to fulfill our promise of delivering a website that helps you and makes you say “wow.”  Please, keep it coming…

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