ORE Researcher Series: Dr. Larry Alphs Talks PROs and Depression

Dr. Larry Alphs, the Therapeutic Area Leader in Psychiatry for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, shared about his research as part of PatientsLikeMe’s ORE Researcher Series. You’ve already listened to Dr. Tamara Kear and the McMaster University researchers – click below to watch Dr. Alphs speak about a new drug that could eventually treat suicidal thoughts.



What exactly is the ORE? PatientsLikeMe’s ORE platform gives patients the chance to not only check an answer box, but also share their feedback on each question in a researcher’s health measure. They can tell our research partners what makes sense, what doesn’t, and how relevant the overall tool is to their condition. It’s all about collaborating with patients as partners to create the most effective tools for measuring disease.

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