Myths vs. facts about multiple sclerosis

Stop! What do you know about multiple sclerosis (MS)?

That’s the question we’re asking during MS Awareness Month. We’ve heard from many community members that people don’t always get what it’s like to live with MS, and that there’s wrong information out there. So as part of ongoing awareness efforts, we created shareable photos that will hopefully dispel some of the myths surrounding the neurological condition.

There are 13 shareable infographics in total – click here to view the gallery.  Don’t forget to use the #MSawareness hashtag when you post on your Facebook or Twitter. Let’s kick things into high gear and start dispelling myths about MS this month so that everyone is armed with better information all year round.

What’s the community saying?

“The stigma associated with MS far outweighs any benefits that come from awareness, from my personal experience. To be very honest, no one cares unless it happens to them, and people perceive being sick as a weakness”
-MS forum thread

“I have only been offended two times in 20 years by strangers. Family, now that’s a different story – stigma runs rampant there when it comes to MS.”
-MS forum thread

“A society that attaches a stigma to our disease when people fear it or don’t believe it exists, then discriminates against us instead of trying to imagine what our lives are like.”
-MS forum thread

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3 thoughts on “Myths vs. facts about multiple sclerosis”

  1. Laura Henze Russell

    As many other chronic diseases, Multiple Sclerosis is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic susceptibilities and environmental triggers. These will vary by the individual, and uncovering them is the quest of Precision Medicine.

    Some people are helped by working with functional MDs in identifying and removing their environmental triggers. Fox News Anchor Stacy Case shares her story of diagnosis and recovery from MS on YouTube.

    A new documentary featuring her and others’ stories, and perspectives of scientists and researchers, is premiering Sunday, March 22 at the New Jersey Film Festival in Atlantic City. You can watch a trailer for the film with her story on YouTube.

    The triggers will vary by the individual. Going upstream to identify susceptibilities and triggers should be the priority for research and treatment.

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