March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Let’s learn more, together.

Brain injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. The important thing to know is that you’re not alone, which is the primary theme of Brain Injury Awareness Month organized by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA).

At least 2.5 million children and adults sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in the U.S. each year – on PatientsLikeMe alone there are 7000+ living with a traumatic brain injury. Take a look at the diverse community living with TBI on PatientsLikeMe:

Brain injury awareness gender spread

Brain injury awareness age groups


PatientsLikeMe members have spoken up about living with TBI, how they manage it and their initial thoughts after being diagnosed. Here’s what one member, Vicki, had to say about life after her diagnosis with TBI.

Want to get involved? There are a few different ways you can show your support during Brain Injury Awareness Month – you can share one of BIAA’s six promotional posters, better educate yourself and others about brain injuries with this fact sheet, or join the conversation on BIAA’s Facebook page.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a brain injury, join the more than 7,000 members on PatientsLikeMe who are living with traumatic brain injuries. Ask questions, track your experience and find a place in the community.


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  1. kathleen heeley

    ive been having these horrible pains in my head ,like someone as hit me with a baseball bat ,and have the whelps too ,i can feel them ,i havent had a accident with my head or anything happen to cause it but its getting worse ,now ive suddenly accired a large scabby spot too ,,it doesnt matter how much i pick it off, it comes back bigger, thats on the top of my head nearer the fringe part of my head

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