Learn from Others with BVVP (Positional Vertigo)

BVVP (more commonly abbreviated as BPPV) stands for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  A disorder caused by inner ear problems, it is characterized by repeated episodes of positional vertigo that are triggered by repositioning or moving the head.  This produces a spinning sensation that disorients the BVVP/BPPV patient.

At PatientsLikeMe, where more than 120,000 patients are sharing their experiences with conditions, symptoms, treatments and more, 44 patients report experiencing BVVP, with 22 of them officially diagnosed and 5 of them indicating that it’s their primary health condition.  To give you further insight into this community, the most common age bracket reported is 40 – 49 years of age, and 76% of our BVVP patients are female.

What treatments have PatientsLikeMe members tried for BVVP/BPPV?  The most commonly reported treatment is the Epley Maneuver, a non-invasive outpatient procedure developed by Dr. John Epley that involves holding a position that triggers vertigo until the vertigo subsides.  Here’s how one patient evaluates this procedure.

“The Epley Maneuver is done in the office, under the care of a professional. It is no fun, at all! I did NOT enjoy it! I survived it on two separate occasions. It doesn’t seem to have helped my problem.  In between my Epley’s, I was to vibrate my head with a personal massager, above the affected ear, twice a day for three days. And then the Epley was repeated. Like I said, it didn’t work. And I did that that for six days, my head was so sore! It was better, but I still can’t drive, I get dizzy and I fall over.”

If you’ve tried the Epley Maneuver or another treatment for BVVP/BPPV, we encourage you to share your experiences to help other patients.  PatientsLikeMe’s unique data-sharing platform allows you to share detailed data about all types of treatments, interventions and lifestyle modifications that have helped you or simply had no effect.


Join PatientsLikeMe and add your experiences to our growing body of knowledge.  Then, stay to exchange advice and support, research common treatments and learn from other patients like you.

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  1. i was diagnosed with menieres some years ago ..fortunately i have not had any attack for at least 18 months ..however i do have loss of hearing and invested in siemens hearing aids ..they give me volume but not clarity of sound … can anyone help me here … of recent days ( i am 75 ) i have been having dizzy spells ..would it maybe have something to do with the noisy hearing aids i wonder …appreciate any help or suggestions … cheers from new zealand John

  2. Does anyone have any experience in how to help an ALS patient on a ventilator with their BPPV? Not sure regular Epley or even modified maneuver can be done?

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