Is Today the Day You Quit Smoking for Good?

Join the Great American Smokeout and Reduce Your Risks of Cancer

That’s what the American Cancer Society hopes.

Today, November 17th, is the Great American Smokeout, now in its 36th year.  It’s a day for quitting smoking or making a plan to quit.  The reason for doing so is pretty compelling:  tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US.   Despite that, there are still more than 46 million American smokers, which is approximately 21% of the adult population.

Have you tried to quit smoking in the past year?  So did at least half of the current smokers in this country.  Quitting isn’t easy, but it’s easier when you have support.  Take the “Do You Need Help Quitting?” Quiz to determine your level of nicotine addiction as well as the kind of personal cessation plan you’ll need.  For extra motivation, check out the health benefits of quitting over time (which start as soon as 20 minutes afterwards!) as well how much money you could save by quitting.

A Snapshot of the Tobacco Addiction Community at PatientsLikeMe

Another way to find support is to connect with other smokers who are trying to quit.  PatientsLikeMe considers tobacco addiction a health condition, which is why we include it in our platform.  3,914 of our patient members say they are addicted to tobacco, with 1,263 of them officially diagnosed.  What are their methods of quitting?  Two commonly reported treatments are Buproprion (Wellbutrin), an antidepressant used as an adjunct for quitting smoking, and Varenicline (Chantix), a drug that blocks the pleasurable effects of nicotine on the brain. (Click each name to read our patients’ evaluations of effectiveness, side effects, cost and more.)

The bottom line is you don’t have to quit alone.  Join PatientsLikeMe and do it together.

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3 thoughts on “Is Today the Day You Quit Smoking for Good?”

  1. I have not had a true ciggy for 4 months now thanks to using an e-cig.
    Now I am a supporter of these e-vapes. I tell everyone I meet to just Google for e-cigs to check
    out how well established this industry is, and how huge the range is for these
    life saving products is. What really annoys me, though, are the growing number
    of posts in the media saying how dreadful they are. Apparently pharma companies – the producers of cessation smoking helpers are funding an anti e-cigarette campaign – not so much the cigarette companies (as one might presume), as many are investing in them.
    I can FEEL the health gains of e cigs. Just saying – that there is always some secret pact with large corporations trying to prohibit electronic cigarettes – our country’s politicos could do a lot more to support them. It makes me cross. I will be bereft if they ban them.

  2. All days are good for quitting the smoke. First you are making a plan to quit the smoking. For smokers it is not easy to quit the smoking so you can use the e-cigarettes for some time.

  3. It’s interesting that half the population of smokers try to give up in a year. Then I noticed this article is from quite a few years ago. I know vaporizers were around then but they weren’t so prevalent. I really look up to people that managed to quit without devices.

    I say this because I managed to quit a couple of years ago due to e-cigarettes. I used it for about a year while slowly reducing the nicotine amount until I had juice that had no nicotine. Then I decided to stop altogether.

    I still do use a herbal vaporizer, but that’s another discussion.

    E-cigarettes have come a long way now, with the NHS in the UK acknowledging their safety. Also the amazing figures of people that quit using an idea.

    Anyway, just thought I’d share my experience!

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