How Would You Rank Your Ability to Relate to Others?

Many patients say they feel alone and isolated due to their health conditions – while others report the ability to relate to others well.  We’ve also heard from a number of patients that being diagnosed with a serious illness has increased their compassion and understanding of others with health problems.

At PatientsLikeMe, we believe the difference in your ability to relate to others may lie in your ability to find and connect with patients like you – meaning, those who are facing the same disease, the same side effects, the same stage of life and much more.  After all, friends and family can offer their love and support, but it’s not the same as understanding exactly what you’re going through or what your symptoms feel like.

For example, do you ever wish you could talk to someone who’s taking the same treatments?  Or who was diagnosed around the same time?  You can!  Simply join PatientsLikeMe (it’s free), complete your profile and search for patients like you with our advanced filters, including age, gender, condition and treatment.  With more than 300,000 patients at PatientsLikeMe, you may soon find that your ability to relate to others has improved greatly, simply because you know a lot more patients like you.


When it comes to living with a chronic health condition, don’t go it alone.  Join PatientsLikeMe, where you can share your experiences with those who can relate.

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