Have you seen it yet?

We’re happy to unveil a new look and style for our website! Yesterday morning, patientslikeme.com got a makeover, and if you’ve got 60 seconds to spare, you can explore the new look with this tour. Kim Goodwin, our Vice President of User Experience, has also blogged about what’s changing and why – check it out.

As always, your voice is what matters the most, so please let us know what you think – especially if you spot anything that looks off. If you’re already a PatientsLikeMe member, you can share your thoughts in this forum thread or send your Community Team a private message. If you’re not a member, you can join here and participate in the conversation, too.

We’re excited to move forward, together. Thanks in advance for your feedback and support!

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1 thought on “Have you seen it yet?”

  1. Great job with the interface. I like the simplicity and flow.

    I’d still like to see a dynamic comparison of my stats vs others with my condition (so as I enter a stat or data point I see how it compares against others) or a way to search and see a graphic comparison of symptoms, conditions or drugs/treatments against my group.

    Nice job.

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