Flu Season 2022: How Are People Preparing?

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, the traditional flu has not been top of mind for most people, but it has not disappeared. As we head into the fall and winter, we wanted to see how people were preparing for this year’s flu season. Are they doing anything differently from years past based on their experience with the two-year pandemic?

We recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers about their flu season preparation plans. Here’s what we discovered:

Vaccination Intent Has Declined

88% of respondents understand the risks associated with the flu, yet almost half (43%) have not received or do not plan on getting their vaccine for 2022, Compared to 60% who received the vaccine in 2021.   

COVID-19 is Still a Concern

Interestingly, almost half (48%) of respondents are more concerned with Covid-19 as opposed to the flu, and 34% are not concerned with either.  

Focus on Caregivers and Co-morbidities

Almost half (48%) have had to care for a friend/family member who suffered from the flu, and another condition, and 31% have an underlying condition themselves that make them more susceptible. 

Want to learn more? Take a look at the findings below!

A Deeper Dive into the Data:

Did you receive your flu vaccine in 2021?

  • Yes – 60% 
  • No – 40%

Have you received your flu vaccine for 2022?

  • Yes  – 28% 
  • No – 31% 
  • Not yet, but I am planning to get it – 29% 
  • No, and I do not plan to get it – 12%

How nervous are you for the upcoming flu season?

  • Very nervous – 11% 
  • Somewhat nervous – 24% 
  • Neutral – 31% 
  • Not nervous at all – 34%

Do you have a chronic condition/underlying health issue that causes you to be more susceptible to getting the flu?

  • Yes – 31% 
  • No – 69%

Do you understand the risks associated with the flu?

  • Yes – 88% 
  • No – 12%

Where do you receive information about the flu? 

  • News – 27% 
  • Social media – 15% 
  • Friends / family – 10% 
  • Doctor – 48%

Do you live in an area where flu vaccines are readily available to you?

  • Yes – 93% 
  • No – 7%

Have you ever had to care for a friend/family member who suffered from the flu and another condition?

  • Yes – 48% 
  • No – 52%

Are you more concerned about the seasonal flu or COVID-19 this year?

  • Seasonal flu – 15% 
  • COVID-19 – 48% 
  • I am not concerned about either virus – 34%

Do you have regular conversations with your doctor on the long-term effects of the flu and/or Covid-19? (I.e., next steps on treatment, preventative measures, etc.)

  • Yes – 51% 
  • No – 49%
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