Epilepsy Awareness Month: The Beauty and The Turbulence

Did you know November is Epilepsy Awareness Month? In honor of the month and to help raise awareness of epilepsy, here is the first in a series of blogs about our Epilepsy Community members’ experiences with this disease. To kick us off, let’s meet tonialpha, a three-star member and PRO who recently sat down with us to give the following interview in our monthly newsletter. Read on to hear more about how tonialpha maintains perspective, passes the time and learns from PatientsLikeMe.

* * *

2166 (Amy) What are you most proud of?

(tonialpha) I am most proud of life. Life is environment. It is inside and out! We see the beauty and the turbulence. It is how we see it and take it.

2166 (Amy) How do you maintain perspective?
tonialpha_epil-original (tonialpha) I need to review, review, review, review! My perspective of things sometimes leaves me due to stress, letting things overbear my thoughts and mutter my mind. I need to step back, take a walk or go in the bathroom and read, call a friend, text a friend or look in the dictionary when I am confused. Taking a walk outside helps me, when I am alone and can rationalize.
2166 (Amy) What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
tonialpha_epil-original (tonialpha) Walking and reading.
2166 (Amy) Tell us the most important thing you’ve learned at PatientsLikeMe.
tonialpha_epil-original (tonialpha) I noted stress caused seizure increase, and with less stress, my seizures decreased. My clusters seemed to have relinquished. Also, I have been able to speak to my epileptologist about the frequency easier.
2166 (Amy) Thanks so much for sharing, tonialpha!
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