Coming together to recognize World Aids Day

World AIDS Day. December 1We believe that the best way to live better is by sharing real-world health experiences with each other, and today, PatientsLikeMe and are encouraging everyone to share their own stories with HIV and AIDS. The theme of this year’s World Aids Day is “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation,” and you can participate by reaching out and speaking with the global HIV/AIDS community.

If you’re wondering about HIV/AIDS, did you know that…

  • Over 30 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, including over a million people in the United States1
  • Many people with HIV don’t experience any symptoms until they progress toward AIDS, and as a result…1
  • 1 in 5 Americans living with HIV/AIDS are unaware of their condition2

So, how can you do your part to raise awareness today (and beyond) and help people learn more about this condition? You can:

There are over 3,500 PatientsLikeMe members sharing their journey with HIV and AIDS in the community forums. Today, and every day, you can share your own story and help change the lives of others for good.



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2 thoughts on “Coming together to recognize World Aids Day”

  1. If this message doesn’t get those thinking, to whom the message is as clear as it is posted the one thin is for sure, “it takes absolutely nothing, to get nothing done!” When it comes to my HIV Status and being secretive, I am not the one. Today (for me), “it doesn’t matter who knows, so long as I don’t forget!” This celebratory milestone of World Aids Day, acknowledging those (past) who’ve died for the cause and to those (present) living for the cure, is nothing short of a “hats off salute” in honor of everyone everywhere, in the U.S. and abroad to whom have even the slightest commitment of participation, whether they’re maintaining treatment, just starting or to whatever purpose they serve, even researchers accounting for tireless hours in making a difference so that we, others and countless unknown but not unrecognized who’ve made a difference simply by being counted when they took their last dose of the Morning, Afternoon or Evening all deserve a rousing Worldwide applause. Especially those to whom made it possible for others who, represent the kindness of the strangers they are, literally “giving their left arm,” to see to it that someone they don’t need to know in order to care about, gets those life saving non-affordable HIV/AIDS Drugs to provide for them, the tomorrow, promised to no one.

    To Emma (On behalf of her selfless guidance and enlightenment) and
    all others being the difference it takes to make a difference- Godspeed!

  2. We need to exercise solidarity and demand to know why a generic is so transparent and cost-effective and why brand name drugs do not even need to consider doing the same.

    Communities are doing their best to stand up in the fight against HIV. Programs such as this are progress forward and, with a little effort and the communities dedication, we could see serious gains in the near and much further future.

    We cannot fight aids by discriminating and incriminating individuals. We need affordable treatment and that is that. Informational sites such as this are paramount to the fight against HIV.

    Communities try their best however, there are still many individuals in the dark about testing sites, available resources, medical treatment options and the prescription drugs available to help alleviate a great deal of the problems that are affecting the diseased in our society today. I have heard great things about online pharmaceutical companies such as…. It offers generic prescription medications that can be attained at prices as low as half of the regular cost.

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